Angry Birds Party: Everything You Need

As I’ve mentioned before the biggest request I get and by far my most popular posts are my posts on Angry Birds party ideas.¬† Since I have several posts on Angry Birds I thought it would be good to combine them all into one so people can more easily find what they are looking for. When my son turned 6 he wanted an Angry Birds party so I started searching for ideas to help that happen for him and plus with 4 little boys I’ve come up with other Angry Birds ideas over this past year just to feed our obsession. ūüėȬ† I’ve put all of my Angry Birds ideas together here in one post to make searching for them easier.¬† For more details on any of the ideas just click the link provided and it will take you to a site with description and instructions. […]

DIY Angry Birds Paddle Balloon Game

The biggest request I get through emails and messages is for MORE Angry Birds ideas for parties.¬†Who knew some naughty pigs and¬†soaring¬†colored birds¬†could be come SO popular! Since I am normally looking for ways to entertain a 4 year-old while his brothers are at school, I made him this Angry Birds paddle ball/balloon game.¬† […]

Angry Birds Birthday Party Games

Angry Birds Birthday Party Games I shared our Angry Birds birthday party food ideas yesterday but when you know you have 15¬† six-year olds coming to a party¬†you make¬†sure to have lots of Angry Birds birthday party games.¬† And what Angry Birds party could be complete without a life-size Angry Bird game? My husband painted dodge balls to look like birds and bouncy balls for the pigs. And he made an awesome Angry Birds slingshot to use to shoot the balls at the pigs. Tutorial still to come. We had all of the neighbors save their cardboard boxes for us to use. It was a bit windy so we couldn’t make it as big as we wanted since it kept blowing down.¬† But the boys had a lot of fun knocking down and building back up this Angry Birds game. […]

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