Snowman Ornaments

These¬†Snowman Ornaments are the perfect addition to our snowman Christmas tree. Snowman Ornaments When we first got married, I only owned a few ornaments and most of them were snowmen, so my snowman tree was born (Our first tree was only about 2 ft tall and we put it on a box in our living room so it seemed a bit taller. ūüôā )¬†After a few years of being married we invested in a new tree for $30¬†on¬†Black Friday and I had to get a few more Snowman Ornaments to fill it up. ¬† These Snowman Ornaments are an¬†easy addition to any Christmas tree, but especially fun on a snowman-themed Christmas tree or as a gift. […]

Santa Pants Snack Cups

One of my very favorite things to do at Christmas time is snuggle up on the couch with my boys and watch our favorite Christmas movies. ¬†We have a handful of movies that we tend to watch over and over again and of course we love to share snacks and our favorite sodas while the movie is playing.¬†We also love doing simple crafts together and¬†these Santa Pants were perfect¬†to hold our snacks and drinks. Santa Pants Snack Cups These Santa Pants snack cups are so easy to make and fun to fill with your favorite drink and treats. […]

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