One of my very favorite things to do at Christmas time is snuggle up on the couch with my boys and watch our favorite Christmas movies.  We have a handful of movies that we tend to watch over and over again and of course we love to share snacks and our favorite sodas while the movie is playing. We also love doing simple crafts together and these Santa Pants were perfect to hold our snacks and drinks.

Santa Pants

Santa Pants Snack Cups

These Santa Pants snack cups are so easy to make and fun to fill with your favorite drink and treats.

How to Make Santa Pants Snack Cups

Supplies needed:

  • Red plastic drinking cups
  • Black duct tape
  • Gold or Silver fuzzy craft sticks
  • Glue

Santa Pants supplies

Step 1: Wrap a piece of duct tape around the middle of the cup.

Step 2: Bend one of the fuzzy sticks into a square and cut off the excess.

Step 3: Glue the fuzzy stick to the duct tape.

Step 4: Fill it with your favorite beverages and snacks and cuddle up to watch a Christmas movie with your family.

Santa Pants snack cups

We visited Walmart and picked up some of our favorites, including Canada Dry®.  I can’t remember a Thanksgiving or Christmas without Canada Dry®. My grandma always made sure that we had plenty to pass around. It was definitely a part of our family traditions. And my boys love Sunkist® and A&W®.

Santa pants

I hope you loved these simple Santa Pants snack cups.  They are so easy to make and are the perfect addition to any Christmas party.

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