These Snowman Ornaments are the perfect addition to our snowman Christmas tree.

Snowman Ornaments

Snowman Ornaments

When we first got married, I only owned a few ornaments and most of them were snowmen, so my snowman tree was born (Our first tree was only about 2 ft tall and we put it on a box in our living room so it seemed a bit taller. 🙂 ) After a few years of being married we invested in a new tree for $30 on Black Friday and I had to get a few more Snowman Ornaments to fill it up.   These Snowman Ornaments are an easy addition to any Christmas tree, but especially fun on a snowman-themed Christmas tree or as a gift.

How to Make Snowman Ornaments

Materials Needed:
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Snowman Ornaments Supplies
Glitter Pompom Balls
Clear Ornaments – Glass or Plastic
Clear Ornaments 3/8″
Small Black Buttons
Skinny decorative string
Large holly confetti (Walmart)
Hole punch
Hot Glue Gun

1. Take the top off your ornament and fill it with your glittery pom-pom balls (you might need to push them in with a straw or a pencil)

Snowman Ornaments
2. Once your ornament is full place the top back on
3. Now hot glue three buttons down the front of your ornament

Snowman Ornaments
4. Cut a 7 inch piece of your red and white ribbon and hot glue it around the neck of your ornament (criss-crossing it like a scarf)
5. Once The ribbon is glued on, trim the ends at an angle

Snowman Ornametns
6. Punch a hole in the top of your holly confetti and tie it on a piece of decorative string
7. Hot glue your Holly/string onto your scarf
8. Now use another piece of your decorative string and tie it around the little metal loop on the top of the ornament
9. Your snowman ornament is now complete and ready to hang on the tree!

Snowman Ornaments

These Snowman Ornaments will add extra cheer to any tree this Christmas season.

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