If you are looking for a fun Christmas morning breakfast idea, these Snowman pancakes will be a hit with your kids.  These are really easy to throw together because we all know that we don’t need any additional stress on Christmas morning.

Snowman Pancakes


Snowman Pancakes

These Snowman Pancakes are probably one of my favorite holiday breakfast creations we have made.  I think the fact that it is just Frosty’s head makes this so much fun and my boys had fun eating them.

Snowman PancakesIngredients needed:

  • Favorite pancake batter mixed up
  • Bacon cooked
  • Grapes sliced
  • Chocolate chips
  • Orange slice
  • banana
  • Black Licorice Laces

You could even do a lot of the prep work the day before so you can easily put these together Christmas morning.

Snowman Pancakes

To make,  mix up your favorite pancake batter recipe.  The recipe you use wouldn’t really matter with these pancakes so just make your favorite.  Cook large round pancakes on a griddle until golden brown.

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While you are making the pancakes, cook the bacon and slice up the grapes, orange and banana.

Once the pancakes are done, then the fun part comes.  Add bananas and chocolate chips for eyes, orange for the nose and chocolate chips for the mouth.  You could even use raisins or blueberries if you prefer to keep it all fruit.

Then arrange the bacon for the scarf and the grapes for earmuffs. I also added the black licorice laces onto the earmuffs to complete the look but I knew that the boys wouldn’t eat it, which was fine with me.  They gobbled up all of their fruit first!
Eating Snowman Pancakes

Do you have any fun Christmas breakfast traditions?

And if you love these snowman pancakes, I’ve put together a roundup of all of our Christmas breakfast ideas as well as some of my favorite from around the web.  Make sure to check it out and have fun surprising your kids even more on Christmas morning.

Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids