Easy Puppy Cupcakes: “Pupcakes”

Those who know my boys know that a couple of my boys were obsessed with stuffed puppies when they were little.  They like real dogs from a distance but they LOVED the stuffed variety.  This has led us to many Puppy-inspired food creations such as these Easy Puppy Cupcakes or “Pupcakes” that my youngest insisted on for his birthday. (I was happy to oblige.  How cute are these!?!) Easy Puppy Cupcakes These puppy inspired cupcakes really are easy to make and you don’t need a lot of supplies to make them.  Let your kids get involved in the process.  They will love seeing how their “Pupcake” turns out. […]

Racecar Cupcakes: Fun Pinewood Derby Treat

Start your engines!  These racecar cupcakes are perfect for a racecar birthday party or as a Pinewood Derby Treat. Racecar Cupcakes Every year our church has an activity where anyone can design and race a Pinewood Derby.  This event is separate from the Cub Scouts and there are no rules about weight or materials that we can use and everyone wins some sort of “prize”.  For most people, it is just  a fun night of friendly competition (others, not so friendly).  Since each of my boys had a car that they were planning to race, I thought it would be fun for me to bring the most delicious cars of all: Racecar cupcakes! […]

Lawn Mower Cupcakes – Fun Father’s Day Dessert

It seems like summer goes by so fast!  Father’s Day is already here and these Lawn Mower Cupcakes are the perfect Father’s Day dessert. Lawn Mower Cupcakes – Father’s Day Dessert My boys love spoiling their dad with homemade cards and goodies for Father’s Day and these Lawn Mower cupcakes are fun to make and eat for a Father’s Day dessert. […]

Easy Minecraft Cupcakes

These easy Minecraft Cupcakes were a simple and fun addition to my son’s Minecraft birthday party. Minecraft Cupcakes We celebrated my son’s birthday with week with Minecraft Cupcakes.  If your boys are anything like mine then Minecraft is an every day part of life.  Of all of the video games that my boys like to play, Minecraft is one that I actually don’t mind as much because of the creative things that they build.   […]

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