Gifts for the Curious Child

If you have children, there is a good chance you have experienced what I call the “Why Phase” when they want to know anything and everything about the world around them.  I have always encouraged my boys to learn new things and I love that they are very curious about the world around them.  If you have a curious child (And I’d say most are), then here are some top Gifts for the Curious Child. Gifts for the Curious Child […]

10 Trivia Games Your Entire Family Will Love

We love to get the kids together and play games for family game night and these Trivia Games are fun for the entire family. Trivia Games Your Family Will Love I am on a personal mission to take back family time in my home.  It seems as though our family is constantly being pulled in 1,000 different directions and life can become quite chaotic.  My husband travels a lot for work and my boys are very active with sports, music lessons and scouts. As a family, we try to have at least one night per week where we are home together and unplugged. My boys love having family game night and my oldest boys just discovered how fun trivia games can be. […]

Gift Ideas for Families with Kids

We have received some great gifts over the years and I know that sometimes you need to purchase a gift for an entire family so I thought I would share some Gift Ideas for Families based on the things we have already tried out and loved. If you are looking for gift ideas for families, I hope this list is helpful to you.  Let me know what your favorite family gift is! Gift Ideas for Families with Kids […]

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