We have received some great gifts over the years and I know that sometimes you need to purchase a gift for an entire family so I thought I would share some Gift Ideas for Families based on the things we have already tried out and loved.

Gift Ideas for Families with Kids

If you are looking for gift ideas for families, I hope this list is helpful to you.  Let me know what your favorite family gift is!

Gift Ideas for Families with Kids

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1-Zoku Quick Pop Maker
Gift ideas for Families


The ZOKU Quick Pop Maker allows you to make popsicles at any time and in just minutes. We live in the desert so being able to make popsicles in less than 10 minutes is awesome!  We have used this over and over again and a couple of our favorite recipes are Oreo Cookie Pops and Strawberry Shortcake Quick Pops.

2.Babycakes Mini Doughnut Maker


Family Gift Ideas

What family with kids wouldn’t love being able to make doughnuts in less than 5 minutes?  We LOVE our Babycakes Mini Doughnut Maker!  Our favorite recipe to make is Baked Pumpkin Spiced Donuts.

3.Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker

Gift Ideas for Families

One of my boys asked for a snow cone maker for his birthday and my parents gave him this Old Fashioned Snow Cone Maker and we love it!  We make our own Snow Cone Syrup and have used it time and time again for family parties and get-togethers.  I should mention that it is great for small gatherings but is not commercial strength so don’t over do it. 🙂

4. Mickey Waffle Maker

Gifts for families with kids

We LOVE our Mickey Waffle Maker! I received this as a gift a few years back and the entire family loves making Mickey waffles.  Perfect for a Disney-loving family.

5. HedBanz Game

Gift Ideas for Families

I love that this HedBanz Game is fun for the entire family.  Our family will play this over and over again and it can easily be adapted to younger kids.

6.Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker

Gift ideas for families with kids

This Ice Cream Ball Ice Cream Maker is a fun way for families to make ice cream together.  I especially love that my boys can go outside and burn off some energy while they roll the ball around and make ice cream.

7. DVD Classics

Classic DVDs for families


We love to watch some of the old DVD Classics movies and TV shows together as a family.  Some of my boys’ favorites are The Three Stooges, The Andy Griffith ShowI Love Lucy and anything with The Muppets .

8. Nintendo Wii U


Wii U Family Gift for kids

If you are looking for a bigger family gift, you can’t go wrong with the Wii U.  It is more pricey than the other things I have mentioned but we have loved our Wii for years and I love that it is easy enough to use that the entire family can get involved in playing some of our favorite games like Just Dance , Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy .

9.Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition

Fire HD Kids Edition

I am in LOVE with the new Amazon Fire HD 7 Kids Edition!  This is by far the best tablet I have seen in terms of having the features that parents with young kids would need.  I love the parental controls and the fact that you can set up a unique profile for each member of your family so your kids will no longer have access to deleting your apps and you can keep your profile private!   And you can set time limits and restrictions. I love that it comes with a 2 year guarantee so if the munchkins break it you can get it replaced.  It has so many great features and is the perfect tablet for a family. So many great features!

10-Outdoor Games

We love outdoor activities as a family and have many different games to choose from.  Our newest favorites are  Bocce Ball, Ladder Toss, and CornHole .  But we also love the classics like Badminton and Croquet.

11- Karaoke Machine

Gift ideas for families

Who doesn’t love to sing karaoke?  Especially in the privacy of your own home. 🙂  Kids love microphones and the adults just might want to break out in song every once in awhile.  We have a lot of fun with our Karaoke Machine!

What gift ideas for families would you include?  Let me know in the comments so I can add it to my list.

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