Let’s be honest for a second. Finding fun, unique gifts for boys can be hard! Especially as they get older. If you are looking for a gift for boys, this is the place for you! I have found over 350 of the very best gifts for boys and compiled them all in this one spot based on different ages and categories of interest.

The ultimate gift guide for boys with over 350+ best gifts for boys.350+ Best Gifts for Boys

I know you’ve been there. You’ve searched the internet high and low for that perfect gift for your son, grandson or nephew. And yet all you seem to find is the same old things and haven’t found that one gift that catches your eye.

As my sons have grown, I have found that birthday and Christmas shopping has gotten harder. But even with my youngest, I have a hard time finding that perfect gift that will make his eyes light up.

This list is the ultimate gift guide for boys and contains over 350 of the best gifts for boys that are unique, fun or timeless. I will be adding to this list over time, so make sure to bookmark this page for the next time you need to go shopping for a gift for your son.

Best Gifts for Boys

If you aren’t sure exactly what type of gift your son would like, take a minute to scroll through these posts. The Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys is full of some top recommended gifts as well as unique gifts you’ve probably never thought of before. Give it a scroll and see what you can find! Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys

101 Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys


Or if you are wanting a timeless gift, check out 10 Tried and True gifts for boys. These are the gifts my boys have received that have stood the tests of time and have been passed down time and time again and STILL get played with. They are all favorites in my house.

Gifts for boys10 Tried and True Gifts for Boys

I asked my Moms of Boys Facebook Community what their son’s favorite toys were and this is a list of 25 Cool Toys for Boys picked by boys. These are SO FUN!

Cool Toys for Boys

25 Cool Toys for Boys – Boys top picks

Sometimes you just want a gift that is different and that can’t be found on the shelf of every store. This list of Unique Gifts for Boys is the place to look. I love the road tape and LEGO play mat.

Unique Gift Ideas Kids

10 Unique Gifts for Boys

Homemade Gifts for Boys

I love the thoughtfulness that goes into giving homemade gifts. I don’t always have the time to create a homemade gift, but I try to give them whenever possible. These 25 homemade gifts for boys has a little something for every interest. The portable LEGO tables are my favorite!

homemade gifts boys

25 Homemade Gifts for Boys

Gifts for Teen Boys

I love my teen boys. They are funny, clever, and HARD TO BUY FOR!! I like giving unique but also fun and useful gifts.

Here’s a list of Top Gift Ideas for Teen Boys: 

Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

If you are hoping to make a gift this year, check out this list of 19 DIY Gifts for Teen Boys

DIY Gifts teen boys

19 DIY Gifts for Teen Boys

Star Wars Gifts Boys Will Love

Star Wars is HUGE in our house. My boys have the entire set and countdown to each new movie. If you have a Star Wars fan in your home, these Star Wars Gifts are perfect! Here are 25 Star Wars Gifts boys would love.

star wars gifts for kids

25 Star Wars Gifts for Boys

And if your son love Last of the Jedi, these Last of the Jedi LEGO sets would be the perfect gift.

The Last Jedi LEGO sets

Last of the Jedi LEGO Sets

LEGO Gifts Boys Will Love

LEGO is a staple at our house. My son would build and play with his LEGO sets every hour of every day if he were allowed. If your child LOVES LEGO but has a gazillion LEGO sets, here are some fun and unique LEGO gifts boys will love.

Unique LEGO Gift Ideas for Kids

15 Fun and Unique LEGO Gifts for Boys

STEM Gifts Boys Will Love

I love STEM gifts. I have always been a bit curious about the world and how it works and I love that I have curious kids! Here are 10 of my favorite gifts for the curious child. If your son loves to learn about how the world works, this is the gift guide for you.

Gifts for the curious child

10 Gifts for the Curious Child –  STEM and Science Gifts

Superhero Gifts 

Calling all moms of superheroes! These superhero gifts are sure to be a hit with your little man as he works to save the world.

10 Superhero Gifts Ideas

Christmas Gifts for Boys

I never know what to get my boys for stocking stuffers. I don’t really love just buying junk that will either break or just get thrown away. These lists of Stocking Stuffers for Boys have given me so many new ideas!

Toddler Boys are my favorite to buy for. There are still so many cute and fun options that they will play with. If you have a toddler, check out this list of 25 Stocking Stuffers for Toddler Boys. Even if it isn’t Christmastime, these toys are super fun!

Stocking Stuffers for Toddler Boys

25 Stocking Stuffers for Toddler Boys

And this list of 25 stocking stuffer gifts for boys incorporates gifts for boys of all ages.

Stocking Stuffers for Boys

25 Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Boys

And once again, don’t forget the teens! My teens still love to open up their stockings and find surprises. This list of Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys has something for every teen in your life.

Stocking stuffers for teen boys

21 Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days now that I have boys. I love to search high and low for just the right gifts, especially since there are some pretty funny ones out there that let my boys know that I love them, but are not too over-the-top mushy. This list of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys has something for boys of every age.

Valentine's Day Gifs for Boys

20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys


Easter Gifts for Boys

Easter is another time I love shopping for my boys. The Easter bunny brings treats, but also some fun and unique little toys to go with. There are so many fun Easter basket ideas for boys on this list!

Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

20 Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

And don’t forget your teens! You’re never too old to get an Easter basket!  These 21 Easter Basket Gifts for Teen Boys are perfect to throw in your teen son’s Easter basket.

Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Boys

21 Easter Basket Gifts for Teen Boys

And what Easter would be complete without an adorable Easter Outfit for your baby boy? These Easter Outfits for Boys would make the perfect Easter gift.

Easter Outfits Little Boys

Easter Outfits for Boys

I hope this list of gifts for boys has been helpful to you! We will be adding more gift ideas for holidays and birthdays so check back often and hopefully I can help take some of the stress out of shopping for boys!The ultimate gift guide for boys with over 350+ best gifts for boys.

Do you have a favorite go-to gift for boys? Let me know and I will add it to my lists. I’m always looking for fun suggestions.