Are you looking for a unique gift for a kid in your life? What about the kid that loves LEGO? Check out these unique LEGO gift ideas for kids. Your kids will go APE over these gifts, I love them all. We actually have a few of these in our home already and all I can say is we are LEGO crazy (in a good way).

Unique LEGO Gift Ideas for Kids

Unique LEGO Gift Ideas For Kids

Brick Loot Subscription Box

Brick Loot

If you have kids who LOVE LEGO, Brick Loot is the ultimate box subscription for LEGO and brick lovers.  Each month a box of LEGO fun will arrive at your door.  Each box contains a custom LEGO set and other Brick Loot exclusives. I just love that it is the gift that keeps on giving.  My boys are excited to get our first box!

Click HERE to see how Brick Loot would make the greatest gift for your child (Or grab a subscription for yourself. 😉 )

BrickStix TOWN Reusable Stickers

My boys love these reusable stickers from BrickStix. They are so much fun for the LEGO lovers in your life. These little stickers are so fun, it’s hard to not get sucked into playing with them yourself.

 BrickStix Reusable Stickers


Rollable LEGO Mat

I haven’t been this excited about a product in a long time. This Rollable LEGO Mat would come in so handy! My four boys all still love building with LEGO and this would make it easy to play anywhere and at anytime.

 Rollable Brick Building Play Mat



My boys are funny when it comes to money.  They love to SAVE it!  This LEGO Bank is a perfect gift for kids who like to save or for kids you are trying to teach to save their money. It makes a fun and unique gift!

 LEGO City Coin Bank


Wooden LEGO Tray

These Wooden LEGO trays would be so handy for in the car or if a child is sick in bed but still wants to build with their LEGO.  You can also buy some that are customized with their name on them.

Wooden LEGO Trays


Or you could make your own DIY LEGO lap table with a breakfast-in-bed tray and some LEGO base plates.  


Get the instructions here–>DIY LEGO tableDIY LEGO table

LEGO Ice Cube Trays/ Candy Mold

My boys have so much fun with these LEGO molds. You can make ice cubes, different candies and even crayons, which is our favorite thing to do with them.  Kids will love these LEGO molds!

 LEGO Ice Cube Trays, Candy Molds



How cool is this!! This is a fun one if you plan on redoing your kids’ room with LEGO or they just love it that much. My boys don’t have this yet, but I’m sure they will want it when they see it. I think this is one of my favorite unique LEGO gift ideas for kids.

 LED Light-Up Building Blocks


LEGO Minifigures Display Case

If your kids are protective of their LEGO minifigures like mine are, a LEGO Minifigures Display case is a nice way to keep them safe and to keep all of their gear with them.  Kids can take them down to play and then put them back up on the shelf.

Unique LEGO Gift Ideas for Kids

LEGO Alarm Clock

Your kids will think that “Everything is Awesome” when they wake up to this LEGO alarm clock!  If your kids need a little help getting up for school in the morning, this LEGO alarm clock would be a fun gift.

 LEGO Movie Emmet Mini-Figure Alarm Clock


LEGO Head Lamps

My boys have always had a strange obsession with head lamps.  In fact we give them as gifts to friends all the time and pretty much all boys have strange obsessions with head lamps. 😉  These are so cute and unique. I can just picture my littlest kiddo running around with this on his head.

 LEGO Head Lamp


Personalized LEGO Initial

If your child likes to decorate with LEGO, this is a super cool idea.  You can get any letter personalized with the color of your child’s room.

Unique LEGO gift ideas for kids

LEGO Build on Brick Mug

How cool would this LEGO mug be for the LEGO lover in your life? They can create little LEGO creations right on the mug.  This is perfect for holding your child’s hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

 Build-On Brick Mug


LEGO Backpack

How fun is this LEGO backpack! This would be a unique gift to offer the kids who love LEGO!

 LEGO Classic Brick Backpack


LEGO Watch

Man, this LEGO watch is the bomb. Not only it is a watch, it’s like a LEGO superhero watch. Everything your kid could want rolled up in one cool and unique gift.

 LEGO Movie Emmet Plastic Minifigure Link Watch


LEGO Advent Calendar

If you’re looking for an early Christmas gift, the LEGO Advent Calendar is the most amazing LEGO gift for kids!  My boys get excited to get one every year and each year there is a different design. You can find LEGO City, LEGO Friends and Star Wars designs so there is something for every kid.

Get your LEGO Advent Calendar on Amazon here.  Or click here to get it at the LEGO Store.  They go FAST!!

LEGO Advent Calendar

With this list of unique LEGO gift ideas, finding that unique LEGO gift for your kid won’t be so hard now.

And for the mom who has to clean up the LEGO mess?  These LEGO play mats are PERFECT!!  They come in different sizes and you can personalize them with our child’s name if you want.  LOVE!

Get one here –> LEGO Play Mats

Unique LEGO gift ideas for kids

Which one of these unique LEGO gift ideas is your favorite? Which LEGO gift do you think your kids will love? Let me know!

Unique LEGO Gift Ideas for Kids

I love this list of Unique LEGO Gift Ideas for Kids. These are perfect for Christmas or Birthday gifts for the kid who loves LEGO.

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