My boys love, love, love to save their money.  It kind of makes me laugh to see them counting their dollars and coins and keeping them stashed away in a safe place.  This LEGO bank is the perfect place for kids to store their cash or other treasures that are important to them.



I love how these LEGO banks turned out!  You could totally customize their faces to look however your kids want them to look.

LEGO Bank Supplies

Here’s everything you need to make a LEGO bank:


 Contoured Grip Screw-Lock Utility Knife Mini High Temperature Glue Gun Duck Brand Electrical Tape Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Multi Purpose Spray Paint


How to Make a LEGO Bank

I chose to make two different banks – one with the lid that enables my savers to open and add their money and another without a lid that requires no temptation to dive into the savings! Plus, I couldn’t find the lid, so I went this route.  Ha!

For any jar you choose to use, wash and dry it completely. Try to keep it as clean as possible so the oils from your hands don’t transfer onto the glass.

To create the small jar without a removable lid, you’ll need a piece of cardboard. Trace the top of the jar onto the cardboard and cut it out with scissors. Use a cutting board and utility knife to cut a slit into the jar top, making sure it’s big enough for your coins and cash. Use hot glue to affix the card board to the top of the jar.


Next, on a protected surface, and in a well ventilated area, spray your jars and lid with yellow spray paint. Let set for about an hour and check on the jar. Touch up any spots you missed. Let dry and flip over to spray the bottom of the jars and the other side of the lids. Set aside to dry completely, about another hour.
How to make a LEGO bank
While the paint is drying, use electric tape to cut out eyebrows, eyes and a mouth for each of your jars. I wanted sunglasses, so I drew and cut out a little paper pattern before tracing the pattern onto the electric tape.
Then, use a marker as a template to trace a circle onto your electric tape and cut out the eyes.
For each piece of electrical tape you use, cut it longer than you think you need it, maybe 2 to 3 times longer. It’s easier to hold onto the top and the bottom of the tape with two fingers and cut out your pieces in the center as shown.

And last, stick your facial features onto your jar and press down firmly.

Start saving!
These LEGO Banks are so cute and would even make a fun gift. Let your kids customize their faces or add other features and accessories.
LEGO bank square
Do your kids love to save their cash or spend it right away? 

And if you are looking for a LEGO bank but aren’t feeling crafty, here are some really fun banks that I think would be a hit!

 Lego City Coin Bank Lego LEGO Pig Coin Bank LEGO 2×4 Brick Coin Bank LEGO Ninjago Bank


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