We’ve all heard stories about kids who refuse to shower or bathe, or if they do shower, they don’t use soap!  The struggle is real!  If there is one thing I know about boys, it is that they sometimes need a little “encouragement” when it comes to getting clean and smelling good.  Make LEGO minifigure soap, to encourage your little army to stay clean and fresh!

Make LEGO Minifigure Soap

Make LEGO Minifigure Soap

How to make LEGO Men Soap

 It’s really not difficult to make LEGO Minifigure soap!  I thought it would be much more difficult.

Materials needed: 
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make LEGO minifigure soap

 How to Make LEGO Minifigure Soap

  1. Spray your people, on both sides, liberally with rubbing alcohol. Spray your mold with rubbing alcohol, coating well. Set aside to dry.  Make LEGO Minifigure Soap
  2. In a microwave safe bowl, microwave 2 cubes of soap for about 15-25 seconds until completely melted.
  3. Pour a small amount of soap into the prepared mold. Spritz with rubbing alcohol in order to remove bubbles. Re-spray in a minute or so if additional bubbles appear. Let set for about 5 minutes. You want the soap to set up but not be completely hard.
  4. Lay your Lego person face down into the semi-hardened soap. Press the person gently into the soap. You need the person to somewhat adhere/stick to the soap otherwise you’ll have a floating man!LEGO men soap
  5. Microwave 4 soap cubes in the same container, for about 30 seconds or until completely melted. Pour into the mold, covering the Lego person. If your person begins to float, use a toothpick to gently push him into the soft soap.
  6. Spritz with rubbing alcohol to remove any bubbles. You may need to spray and wait a minute or two and then spray again.
    LEGO Men Soap
  7. You can put into the freezer immediately for about 30 minutes until the soap is set, or you can set on your counter for about 10 minutes so it begins to harden, then transfer to the freezer.  No matter what, I always transfer to the freezer. It makes the soap pop out of the mold so much easier!
  8. When completely set, remove the LEGO Minifigure soap from the mold by pressing gently on the front and sides to pop out.

Make LEGO Minifigure Soap

So if your kids struggle in the “Clean” department, they will love to make LEGO minifigure soap!  You could make this type of fun soap with any type of plastic toys that your kids love.  Make Dino soap with dinosaurs or even superhero soap with mini superhero figures.  Get creative!

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