In a house of all boys it’s safe to say that we have a few Superhero fans.  Today I’m sharing 10 Superhero toys that your kids will love.

Superhero toys

10 Superhero Toys Your Kids Will Love

Superhero toys have always been the #1 thing my boys have asked for on their birthdays. Our superhero birthday party was a huge hit!  My boys have also given me quite a few ideas of the best Superhero Toys that they wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift. 😉 I’ve put together a list of 10 Superhero Toys and what we love about them.

The Best Superhero Toys

1. Spider-Man Web Slingers Blaster

Spider-Man toys

What little boy hasn’t dreamed of fighting off villains by shooting webs from their wrist and swinging across town to save people from evil? Ultimate Spider-Man Web-Warriors Web Slingers Blaster lets kids pretend to be Spider-man by shooting out “webs”, which are actually stretched and flung.

Superhero Toys

The Spider-man Web Slingers Blaster comes with 2 webs, a glove, a launcher and a target of a bad guy. I like that this toy can be used indoors, outdoors or anytime they want because it doesn’t make a big mess like some of the Spiderman gloves.  My boys received one to try out and you can tell these guys were excited for it!

Superhero toys

2. Marvel Superhero Mashers

Superhero toys

When I first learned about Marvel Superhero Mashers, I knew they would be a huge hit with my boys and I was right! We received Marvel Super Hero Mashers awhile back and they continue to be one of my boys’ favorite toys that actually get played with!  Score!  Kids can create their own Superheroes by mixing and matching parts from different superheroes and villains. As you add to your collection of superheroes, the play is endless.  Check out our review from about a year back: Marvel Superhero Mashers

Marvel Super Hero Mashers

(I can’t believe how little he looks in this picture!)

3. Chutes and Ladders Superhero Squad

Superhero Toys

This game is so adorable cool. 😉  Chutes and Ladders has always been a favorite of mine but when you add in 8 of your favorite superheroes, you have one awesome twist on the original.  What little hero wouldn’t love Superhero Squad Chutes and Ladders?

4. Mr Potato Head Superhero Collector Pack

Superhero toysWe all know that Mr Potato head was the original mashable/changeable toy so add in some fun Superhero parts and you have mixable, mashable potato heroes!  This Mr Potato Head Superhero Collector Pack is great for even the smallest of superheroes and are recommended for age 2+.

5. Play-Doh Marvel Can-Heads

Superhero toys


Play-doh Marvel Can-heads are a fun twist on traditional ways to use Play-doh.  With Smashdown Hulk, kids can build up brick walls and then push on the Hulk Head to smash everything down.  Several different superheroes are available for several fun ways to play.

6.Superhero Buddies

Superhero toysI absolutely love these Hero Buddies!  Not only would they be fun to play with, but if you have a child who has a hard time sleeping at night or is scared of the dark, who better than their favorite superhero to protect them.  They can snuggle up to Superman or Batman and sleep tight knowing they are safe.  So fun!

7.Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes

Superhero toys for boys

Disney Infinity is no longer making new products, but they are still a huge hit at our house. This Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes pack would be the perfect gift for any gamer who also loves superheroes.  This is available for X-box, Wii and Playstation.

8.LEGO Marvel Superheroes

LEGO Marvel Superheroes

LEGO Marvel Superheroes are some of my boys’ favorites.  LEGO and superheroes are the perfect combination for hours of fun!

9.LEGO JR. Marvel Superheroes

LEGO Superheroes

I love that LEGO has come out with Jr versions of some of their most popular lines. The LEGO Jr Superheroes sets are fun for ages 4-7, so even younger kids can get in on the hours of building and play. And for even younger kids, LEGO Duplo Superhero sets are ADORABLE!

10. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends

Imaginext Bat Cave

These Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends toys are so great for imaginative play.  There are several sets available that include the DC Comics heroes.  Which one is your favorite?

And check out even more of our favorite superhero toys on Amazon HERE!

Here are a few of my boys’ superhero toys:

That rounds up our top 10 Superhero Toys!  Which one is your favorite?  What can you add to our list?

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