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Marvel Super Hero Mashers

Marvel Superhero Mashers

It is not very often that a new toy for boys comes on the market that I just know my boys will want to have.  I’ve been buying toys for boys for the past 10 years and we have just about everything you can think of in regards to boys, but when I saw the new Marvel Superhero Mashers by Hasbro, I knew they would find a new home in our toy box.

Marvel Super Hero MashersWhen this box arrived it was better than Christmas for my 5-year-old.  He almost didn’t let me take a picture before ripping the boxes open to check them out.  We received Iron Patriot and Dr. Doom and have had so much fun mixing and matching a super hero with a bad guy.

Hasbro’s Marvel Superhero Mashers feature Marvel Superheroes and Villains with completely interchangeable parts and accessories so kids can mix and match to make super cool or super silly creations.

Marvel Super Hero MashersHe wouldn’t even hold still long enough for me to get a picture so it is a little blurry but I think the look on his face says exactly how he feels about these toys.  He worked really hard to come up with some awesome creations and then had a hard time waiting for me to get a picture before taking them apart to make something new.

Marvel Super Hero Mashers

We can’t wait to add to our collection.  With more than 20 characters planned for 2014, there will be tons of ways to mash up. Some of the other characters available or in the works include Spider-man, Captain America, Green Goblin, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Venom and more.

Marvel Super Hero MashersUltimately we turned Iron Patriot and Dr. Doom into Roboto and Mr. Victory!  To learn more about Hasbro’s Marvel Super Hero Mashers and to make your own Super Hero Masher online, visit: Hasbro’s Marvel Superhero Mashers Website.