Snapshots into my life with my boys

Little Boys Treasures: Expect the Unexpected

Little Boys Treasures I’ve been a mom of boys now for going on 11 years and pretty much everything I have learned has been taught by experience.   But there is one thing that I wasn’t prepared for and that I didn’t realize was a “boy” thing until I had boys: They love treasures and not the kind of treasures you would expect.  In fact, any random object can become a treasure to them.   I always had envisioned my boys’ rooms decorated like Pottery Barn magazines with everything in its place and organized and my boys acting like little gentlemen (I was WAY off on that one) but what I failed to realize is that the silliest things can become prized possessions for little boys and getting rid of  little boys’ treasures is harder than you might think. […]

Marvel Superhero Mashers

I am a member of Mom It Forward Blogger Network.  This post is sponsored by Marvel Superhero Mashers.  All opinions are 100% my own. Marvel Superhero Mashers It is not very often that a new toy for boys comes on the market that I just know my boys will want to have.  I’ve been buying toys for boys for the past 10 years and we have just about everything you can think of in regards to boys, but when I saw the new Marvel Superhero Mashers by Hasbro, I knew they would find a new home in our toy box. […]

With Kids vs. Without kids

How has your life changed since having kids? I documented a few things that are different with kids vs without kids. But we wouldn’t change anything for the world. With Kids vs. Without Kids It has been 10 years now since I first became a mom.  Can you believe that? NickMom recently asked moms to share how life was different before vs after kids so let me share.  Even though I love being a mom there are times when I have to stop and laugh about how different times were before we had kids compared to now with 4 boys.  In fact, I have a hard time even remembering what it was like.  I’m sure it was quiet – really, really quiet. […]

Power Rangers Super Samurai: A Christmas Wish

 Power Rangers Super Samurai: A Christmas Wish Christmas pretty much came early for a little 5-year-old in my house when Power Rangers Super Samurai: A Christmas Wish, arrived at our door.  He was so giddy with excitement that we had to watch it right away, and then has watched it several times since. […]

10 Reasons to Visit Legoland CA

This past week I have been recovering from our family vacation to Southern CA. 🙂  If you have ever traveled for any amount of time with little kids, you know the week after your vacation is all about recuperating from your vacation.  Agree? As promised, this week I will be sharing my favorite things we loved about Legoland and a few tips to make any Legoland vacation “SO MUCH FUN” (words that were repeated and repeated by 4 year old the entire time we were there).  I’ll start today with our  favorite things about Legoland. (This post is in no way compensated.  We just had a great time and I wanted to share. ) […]

Monday Motivation: He’s Just a Little Boy

It's baseball season [...]

Family, Tradition and Wrangler Jeans

It was an absolutely gorgeous day today!  I spent the morning going on a walk and spending time in my garden.  There is just something about springtime that makes me happy.  Also, springtime around here means we are getting ready for the County Fair.  This is the first year my oldest son has been old enough to show an animal in the fair.  We’re starting him off with a pig even though I’m sure my 100%, strictly cattleman grandpa probably wouldn’t like that very much. 🙂  I grew up on a farm/cattle ranch and I started showing steers in our Livestock show when I was my sons age so it has been fun being outside and teaching him how to work with and be around animals.  Being around the farm so much lately has me thinking a lot about my grandparents. This past month marked 2 years since my grandpa passed away and next week marks 5 years since grandma has been gone.   It seems like just yesterday that I was a little girl exploring their farm.  We would spend our time there exploring the pastures, riding horses and “Big Red” the 3-wheeler, working in the garden, mowing the lawn and feeding the cattle and stray cats, or just sitting on the front porch enjoying the perfect summertime weather with a Popsicle in hand, listening to grandpa tell stories. My grandpa was the epitome of an All-American cowboy and cattleman.  And my grandma was a perfectly patient cattleman’s wife. […]

Sometimes Playing is Hard Work!

If you are a parent [...]

Cinnamini Buns

The weekend is here!  I am so ready for a break from the run-around.  We made up these yummy mini-cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning for fun Friday.  So super easy and fun for the boys.  A perfect way to start off the weekend. Cinnamini Buns […]

3 Fish and a “Crabwich”

I’ve decided that I don’t know how single moms do it!  My hat goes off to you.  This summer I spent 5 weeks as a partial single parent and part of that time I ventured out and took my kids to swim lessons.  Three kids (not to mention the baby in the stroller), three different levels, meaning we had to be there at 3 different times!  It. was. exhausting.  The first day was meltdown free so I was feeling pretty good about things.  Days 2-5 not so much!  In fact there were moments where I almost packed up our stuff and called it quits.  The last day of class the teacher has them go under the water and open their eyes and smile for a picture.  I’ll let you guess which one didn’t like swim lessons so much. 😉  This will be a fun little game.  Ready: Fish #1 […]

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