Legoland CaliforniaThis past week I have been recovering from our family vacation to Southern CA. 🙂  If you have ever traveled for any amount of time with little kids, you know the week after your vacation is all about recuperating from your vacation.  Agree?

As promised, this week I will be sharing my favorite things we loved about Legoland and a few tips to make any Legoland vacation “SO MUCH FUN” (words that were repeated and repeated by 4 year old the entire time we were there).  I’ll start today with our  favorite things about Legoland. (This post is in no way compensated.  We just had a great time and I wanted to share. )

10 reasons to Visit Legoland CA

1-Your boys will thank you forever!!  Seriously, my boys thanked me just about every 5 minutes for bringing them there the entire two days we were there.  That made for one happy mama.

My boys in the Lego shirts I made them

2-There is much more than just rides.  Not only are there great rides but fun things to see such as the Lego factory where you can watch the Lego bricks be built and 4-D movies where you can relax inside where it is cool.  We saw Chima and it was one of my boys favorite parts of our trip.   They also have a few great play areas where the kids can run around and parents can relax and great indoor areas where they can build and race their Lego creations.  Even the shops are interactive and your kids can build their own mini-figures or buy in bulk.

3-Granny’s Apple Fries.  If you go you have to get them!  It was  my birthday the first day we went so I treated myself to some Apple Fries and then had to go back the next day to get some more.  Yum!

4-So much to see. When Legoland was built they must have paid attention to every little detail.  Everywhere you looked you could find something made of Lego, from the ducks near the stream that run through the park, to the rides themselves.  Everything looks like it is made with Lego which was the coolest thing ever for my boys!  I was amazed at Miniland and the attention to detail.  Where else in the world can you see Mount Rushmore, New Orleans, San Fransisco,  Las Vegas, NYC, and Washington DC all in one place.  And my boys loved the Star Wars area!


5-There is something for everyone.  Yes, there are height/age restrictions on some of the rides (I’ll go into detail tomorrow) but even with that, there is something for everyone.  My baby (14 months) was entertained most of the day just looking at things but he loved the few rides he could go on.

6-Parent Swap!  This was a life-saver for us.  If you have a baby or child who is too small for the ride, you can wait at the gate with the child while the rest of the family rides and then swap with your spouse.  My boys got to ride most everything twice without waiting in line again because one of us would get off and the other would get on.

7-Emphasis on physical interaction and family. One whole area of the park, Fun Town,  is run by man-power.  You have to pedal the cars, or pull a rope to get the rides to go.  My favorite was watching my boys race another family in the Fun Town Police and Fire Academy. They were in the police car.  They had to work together to get the truck to move and we came from behind for the win!


8-Mini-figure exchanges.  All throughout the park you can find employees and many of them have mini-figures on their badge that you can swap with.  So, if you have mini-figures your kids aren’t really playing with or if they have doubles, bring them along and swap them out.

9-Not overly crowded.  We visited the park the third week of April, right after Spring Break, and we hardly had to wait in any lines.  It was a big cool and the first  morning it was sprinkling so that may have kept some people away but the 2nd day was beautiful.  But one of the great things is that if there is a line, there are play areas set up by the busier rides where kids can build with Lego blocks and race cars while the parents wait in line.  I thought that was a brilliant idea!

10-Legoland Hotel!  I had to leave that for the last because it really was the cherry on top for us.  I will go into detail about everything I loved at the Legoland Hotel in a couple of days but it just made our whole trip even that much cooler.  It was nice to stay right by the park for one, since we got soaking wet and had an easy place to change, but just like the park, they payed attention to every little detail to make the experience unforgettable for my boys.  We stayed in a Pirate themed suite complete with a treasure hunt, a private room for my boys and little fun details in every corner of the room.  Not to mention the disco balls in the elevators and, my boys’ favorite, the whoopie cushion in the hallway.  More on that in a couple of days. 🙂

Legoland Hotel

Overall we had a really amazing trip.  I didn’t feel all stressed out or rushed like I have at a lot of other amusement parks and my kids had a blast.  I think they felt big because they could go on most everything without us.  Tomorrow I’ll be sharing tips, advice and everything you need to know about planning a Legoland vacation.  See you then!

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