It was an absolutely gorgeous day today!  I spent the morning going on a walk and spending time in my garden.  There is just something about springtime that makes me happy.  Also, springtime around here means we are getting ready for the County Fair.  This is the first year my oldest son has been old enough to show an animal in the fair.  We’re starting him off with a pig even though I’m sure my 100%, strictly cattleman grandpa probably wouldn’t like that very much. 🙂Wrangler Jeans for County Fair

 I grew up on a farm/cattle ranch and I started showing steers in our Livestock show when I was my sons age so it has been fun being outside and teaching him how to work with and be around animals.  Being around the farm so much lately has me thinking a lot about my grandparents.

This past month marked 2 years since my grandpa passed away and next week marks 5 years since grandma has been gone.   It seems like just yesterday that I was a little girl exploring their farm.  We would spend our time there exploring the pastures, riding horses and “Big Red” the 3-wheeler, working in the garden, mowing the lawn and feeding the cattle and stray cats, or just sitting on the front porch enjoying the perfect summertime weather with a Popsicle in hand, listening to grandpa tell stories.

Grandpa's farm

My grandpa was the epitome of an All-American cowboy and cattleman.  And my grandma was a perfectly patient cattleman’s wife.

When my oldest son was born my grandparents were some of the first to visit.  He was their first great-grandson and I will always remember the twinkle in my grandpa’s eyes as I opened their gift to find my baby’s first pair of Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots. My grandparents were so proud of their grandkids, but even more excited to have great-grandbabies.

Looking back, I can’t believe the time has gone so quickly.  That little baby is all grown up!  In preparation for the fair we were in need of some new jeans and boots so naturally I went out shopping for some Wrangler jeans.  I know that I can trust Wranglers to stand up to my rough-and-tough boys.   I never realized how fast boys can ruin clothes until I had 4 boys of my own and since I don’t like buying new jeans every few months, I trust Wrangler jeans to last.  And they have a 1 year guarantee which is a huge plus when buying for boys!

Wrangler Jeans

 I headed off to the nearest Cal Ranch and found the Wrangler shelves stocked with all sorts of jeans for little boys.  I easily found the jeans for my oldest and loved that they have an adjustable waistband since he’s too slim for regular jeans but the slims are too tight.  My boys are all about comfort so I love that I can adjust these jeans to the perfect fit.

I also had to pick up a pair of “cowboy pants”, as he calls the, for my 4-year-old since they are pretty much the only type of jeans he likes to wear and that can hold up to his daily adventures.

Sz 4 Wrangler Jeans

I also picked up a pair for my husband and me and I just have to say I haven’t had jeans this comfortable in a long time!

And then something caught my eye: A pair of baby Wranglers.

Baby Wrangler Jeans

 Of course I wasn’t expecting to get a little emotional while shopping for Wranglers in Cal Ranch, (who does that?)  but since my grandparents had been on my mind this little pair of jeans brought back so many memories.  My baby just turned a year old and he is my only boy who didn’t get the chance to know my grandpa and didn’t get his own pair of Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots when he was born.  Since I can adjust the waist and I know these will fit him for quite awhile, I just had to buy them.

Maybe it is silly to say that they represent more than just jeans to me.  They represent the values that my grandparents taught our family about hard work and dedication to whatever we do in life.  Grandpa always said that he would rather wear out than rust out and he worked on the farm until the very end,  always wearing his Wranglers.

Grandpa in his field in Wrangler Jeans

These are the values that I want to teach my boys.  To work hard, play hard, enjoy life and to be 100% dedicated to whatever path their life takes them on.

Wrangler Jeans #cbias

And to not be afraid to get their hands dirty!

Playing-in-the-Dirt-in-Wrangler jeans

And if they’re going to get dirty, as all little boys do, I’ll at least make sure they’re wearing Wrangler jeans!

Baby wrangler jeans


The motto on is “Life is Comfortable” and Wrangler provides comfortable and stylish jeans in many different styles and sizes.  To see more of my shopping story, visit my google + album.    And to connect with Wrangler you can find them on Facebook and Twitter.
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