It’s baseball season in my neck of the woods,  which means we have been spending A LOT of time at the ball park.

With my two oldest playing, we are averaging 4 games/week plus practices on top.  It can get crazy but baseball is my sport.

My boys play soccer and basketball at other times of the year as well and I love to watch them, but I basically grew up on the baseball (softball) field.   I took my position on 3rd base pretty seriously and even though I ruined my right shoulder for life, and I can no longer play more than a few  minutes of catch with my boys (and sometimes not even that), the thrill of the game comes back to me as I watch my boys play and at times, my competitiveness starts to come out.

But,  I am definitely not the most competitive parent at the games.  I’ve heard pretty much everything coming out of the mouths of some.  Last week there was nearly an all-out brawl at a coach pitch game.  COACH PITCH!  We’re talking 7-9 year old kids who had to sit and watch the adults make fools out of themselves (yes I’ll say it like it is).  These kids are little and excited to be playing and yet often, we parents take the fun out the game by taking things too seriously.

I came across this quote awhile ago and have saved it because I need this reminder every year when baseball season rolls around.  And yes, I get a little emotional when I read it.  I guess it really puts things into perspective.

He’s Just a Little Boy

He's Just a Little Boy

I love sports and I think sports can be really beneficial for kids.  And don’t get me wrong, I want my boys to be competitive in a healthy way.  I want them to try their best and give it 100% but I also don’t want them to forget that in the end, it is just a game.  You win some and you lose some.   One of my first blog posts was last year at this time where I listed 20 Benefits of Kids playing sports.  Our children can learn so much and make some great memories, but if we take the game too seriously and come down on them too hard, then it’s no longer fun.  We just have to remember that “He’s just a little boy and not a man yet. “