If you are a parent then you have probably experienced that moment where you are going about your business and then suddenly realize that you haven’t seen one of your kids in awhile.  My 4-year-old is normally either right at my side needing something,  or torturing loving on his little brother.  So when the house is quiet, I normally know something is up.

I was cleaning the kitchen the other day and I noticed I hadn’t seen him in awhile.  My older boys were not home so I was curious to where he was.  I panicked just a bit as I went from room to room, calling his name and couldn’t find him.  Then I went outside around the house calling his name and still couldn’t find him.  I’m a worry wart and I admit it.  At this point my adrenaline is pumping as I’m thinking of all of the bad things that could have happened to him. (Yes, I’m also an over-reactor.)

And finally I walked back in the house to call my husband and found this:

playing hard is hard work

He was dead asleep in the ball pit.  Suddenly I felt funny for overreacting but I got over that pretty quickly and just enjoyed a 3 hour break with some peace and quiet that doesn’t happen very often around here.  I guess playing hard is hard work!

Where is the funniest place your children have fallen asleep?