With the holidays quickly approaching, I am sure you are scrambling to find just the right gift for your child.  I always find so much joy in holiday shopping because I can do it right from the comfort of my own couch. I know a lot of you mamas do the same thing. The only problem is deciding what to buy! Check out all of these unique gift ideas kids will love.

Unique Gift Ideas Kids

Unique Gift Ideas Kids Will Love

My boys are each as unique as they possibly can be. I know from experience that the perfect gift for one of my boys is NOT necessarily the perfect gift for one of the others.  This list of unique gift ideas kids will love has items as unique as your children.

Unique Gift Ideas for Kids

LEGO Play Mat – I don’t care who you are, this play mat is just awesome! I would like to get one for each of my boys. Your kids can take it with them and it makes the perfect gift. For all of the LEGO you have in your home, you need this in your life.

Click N' Play Lego/DUPLO Compatible Double Sided Silicone Baseplate MatClick N’ Play Lego/DUPLO Compatible Double Sided Silicone Baseplate Mat


Road Tape – This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen for a gift idea. You can literally buy road tape as a unique gift idea. This tape is sticky, so don’t just stick it anywhere.

Create a Road Tape with Toy Car PlaysetCreate a Road Tape with Toy Car Playset


Money Maze Bank – Have a kiddo that likes saving money? This money maze bank is awesome in so many ways! Load it up with some cash, and then watch as they figure out how to get the cash out.  So fun!

Money Maze Bank, Brain Teasing MazeMoney Maze Bank, Brain Teasing Maze



Mini Tile Art – Do you have a kid that loves to keep busy? My boys love this mini tile art. Whether you have boys or girls, it’s so much fun to make your own creations. I bet your kids would love this as a unique gift.

Magnetic Mini Tile ArtMagnetic Mini Tile Art


Magnetic Building Blocks– I love that there are so many different kinds of unique things to build with! Things like these magnetic building blocks always keep my boys busy.

Magnetic Building Blocks for KidsMagnetic Building Blocks for Kids


Superhero Costumes – Being a superhero isn’t just reserved for Halloween. I love how this unique gift idea comes with several different costumes.

Superhero Costumes for Kids - 4 Capes and MasksSuperhero Costumes for Kids – 4 Capes and Masks


Air Strike Catapult – I am looking at this catapult thinking of how much my boys would love this. Such a unique gift. Pretty sure if my boys see this, they will all want one!

Hog Wild Toys Air Strike CatapultHog Wild Toys Air Strike Catapult


Hopping Horse or Cow – I have seen a few of those viral videos where the toddler was hopping around on one of these. This hopping horse is so cute and now I need one in my size!

Hopping Horse - Inflatable Hopping Horse Plush covered with pumpHopping Horse – Inflatable Hopping Horse Plush covered with pump


Wood Jigsaw Puzzle – Toys are fun, but sometimes you need something that will challenge the kid you are buying for. Basically, this wood jigsaw puzzle is a ton of fun and a nice challenge.

Handmade Indian Wood Jigsaw PuzzleHandmade Indian Wood Jigsaw Puzzle


Mug with a Hoop – What if you’re buying for a kid that already has everything? That is when you find a gift that will bring simple pleasures, like this mug with a hoop. How amazing is this? My boys would love this, especially for their cereal in the mornings. Just another way for them to procrastinate. 😉

The Mug With A HoopThe Mug With A Hoop



Hope you loved this list of unique gifts kids will love! What is your favorite gift idea on this list?Unique Gift Ideas Kids Will Love

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