superhero-toys-square10 Superhero Toys Your Kids Will LOVE!

I am one of those lucky people who gets to live in a house full of super heroes!  I can find superheros and superhero toys all throughout my house.  If your kids love superheroes, they will LOVE these Superhero toys.  I’m still not sure which one is my favorite.

See which one is your favorite here—>10 Superhero Toys Your Kids will LOVE!


Cool Toys for Boys

Kid Picks: Cool Toys for Boys

Boys can be so hard to buy for!  You just never know what will be “cool” in their eyes.  So I asked boys of all ages to share their top picks for toys and we came up with this great list of Cool Toys for boys!

Check out the entire list here: Kid Picks: Cool Toys for Boys


Gift Ideas for Teen BoysTop Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Now that I have a teenage son, I know how hard it can be to buy for a teen boy!  His gift requests have become more expensive and harder to find.  I’ve put together a list of some top gift ideas for teen boys that are in all price ranges.  Hopefully it will help you to find the perfect gift for the teen boy in your life.

Check out the list here–>Top Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

Star Wars Gifts for kids

25+ Star Wars Gifts for Kids

Is the Force strong at your house?  If you are raising future Jedi’s then these are the PERFECT gifts!  You will find everything from games, to droids, to the best lightsabers around.  There is definitely something for every young Star Wars fan on this list!

See if you can spot the perfect gift here: 25+ Star Wars Gifts for Kids

Unique Unique LEGO Gift Ideas for KidsLEGO Gift Ideas for Kids

 If your kids love LEGO, this is the perfect gift guide for your.  I love this list of Unique LEGO Gift Ideas for Kids. These are perfect for Christmas or Birthday gifts for the kid who loves LEGO. These are also great for the kid who has every LEGO set imaginable and would just love some LEGO swag.

Check out the entire list here–> Unique LEGO Gift Ideas for Kids


Gift Ideas for boys

Tried and True Gifts for Boys

Sometimes you just don’t know what to get a boy that he will actually like…and that you can afford.  After raising boys for so long, I can say that sometimes you just want a recommendation of a tried and true gift. Just something you know they will play with!  Here are our favorite tried and true gifts for boys that my boys have personally owned.

See the entire list here–> Tried and True Gifts for Boys


Gifts for the curious child Gifts for the Curious Child

Do your kids ask you “WHY?” several times per day (or second?). If your child has a curious mind, these gifts for the curious child would be perfect.  These gifts teach about the world around us and how things work.

Check out these Gifts for the Curious Child! Which gift is your favorite?


Family Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Families with KidsGift Ideas for Families with kids

Sometimes you don’t need a gift just for one person. If you are planning to purchase a family gift for someone with kids, these gift ideas for families with kids would be perfect! I LOVE the Micky waffle iron!

Click here to check out all of these gift ideas for families here.


Homemade Gifts

homemade gifts boys

25 Homemade Gifts Boys Will Love

If you are feeling crafty, these homemade gifts for boys are perfect for little guys.  Some of these are super easy to make and some take a little more skill, but all of these are completely adorable!  I’m sure little boys everwhere would love to get any of them.

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DIY Gifts teen boys

19 DIY Gifts Teen Boys Will Love

If your teen is hard to buy for, try making one of these DIY gifts!  There’s a good chance you will find something on this list that you can customize just for your teenage son that he will love!

CLICK HERE to see the list of 19 DIY Gifts Teen Boys Will Love



25 DIY LEGO Tables

What kid doesn’t love LEGO?  These DIY LEGO tables are the perfect gift for the kid who is constanly playing with LEGO pieces, plus they are great for keeping the LEGO pieces off the floor so they aren’t dangerous to your feet in the night! Win for parents everywhere!  Some of these are SO clever!

Check out all 25 DIY LEGO Tables here.

Holiday Gift Ideas

Stocking stuffers for teen boys


Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys

Teen boys are SO hard to buy for!  If you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for teen boys, look no further.  We’ve searched high and low for the best of the best stocking stuffers that we know teenage boys are going to love!

CLICK HERE to find the perfect stocking stuffer for the teen boys in your life.


Valentine's Day Gifts for Boys20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys

Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday but I know my boys don’t go for all of the love and mushy things the holiday brings.  It can be hard to know what to get boys for Valentine’s Day!

Check out this list of  20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys!


Star Wars ChristmasStar Wars Christmas Gifts and Decorations

If you or your kids love Star Wars, these Star Wars Christmas gits and decorations would make the perfect addition to your home.  I can’t decide which one I want first! Do you have a theme that you decorate with at Christmas time?

Click to see the entire list of Star Wars Christmas Gifts and Decorations!