There is excitement in the air at my house!  Today is Force Friday and products for Star Wars: The Last Jedi are being released.  We got a sneak peak of The Last Jedi LEGO sets and I have been dying to share them with you.

The Last Jedi LEGO sets

Star Wars: The Last Jedi LEGO sets

Resistance Transport Pod

My boys received the Resistance Transport Pod and could hardly get the box open fast enough.

The Last Jedi LEGO sets

Once the Resistance Transport Pod is built, Finn and Rose can escape to safety in the cockpit while BB-8 is hiding in the back. If they run into trouble, you can roll the wheel to fire the spring-loaded shooters.

The Last Jedi LEGO sets

 LEGO Star Wars Resistance Transport Pod

First Order Heavy Scout Walker

You can go in search of Resistance fighters in tis amazing First Order Heavy Scout Walker.

The Last Jedi LEGO sets

With General Hux in charge in the cockpit, you can send orders to the Flametrooper. Give it a push and the crawling legs actually start to move and the spring-loaded shooters are ready to fire at the enemy.

 LEGO Star Wars First Order Heavy Scout Walker 


Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter

Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter is a necessity for fighting the resistance.

The Last Jedi LEGO sets

Put Kylo into the cockpit of this super-fast TIE fighter and blast off in pursuit of the Resistance. When you are close enough, push the triggers and fire missles at the Resistance ships.

 LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter 


This is my absolute favorite! Build your very own BB-8.

BB-8 LEGO set

You can turn a wheel to spin the head and turn another to open the hatch and see the welding torch pop out, just like in the movie. He comes with a display stand so you can show him off to all of your family and friends.

I’m sure BB-8 will be highly sought after this Christmas! Get him early!

 LEGO Star Wars BB-8

Resistance Bomber

Poe and Vice Admiral Holdo can complete daring raids in the Resistance Bomber!

Resistance Bomber LEGO set

Fend off enemy ships with Paige in the rear gun turrets or fire the shooters. Once you reach your target, release the bombs by pressing the trigger.  All the enemy troops will be running for cover!

 LEGO Star Wars Resistance Bomber

First Order Assault Walker

Grab the First Order Heavy Assault Walker and head into battle against Poe, Rey and the Resistance allies.

First Order Heavy Assault Walker

Fire the shooters that are mounted to the head and take aim with the rapid-fire stud shooter on top. When you run out of ammo, you can open the compartments and reload. If the Resistance fighters get too close, drop the mines at the back for a huge surprise. How cool is this set?!

 LEGO Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault Walker

First Order Star Destroyer

Join Spreme Leader Snoke as he rules the galazy aboard the mighty First Order Star Destroyer!

The Last Jedi LEGO sets

Prepare for battle in the conference room, give the fleet orders from the bridge, get the droids aboard, ride the elebator to Snoke’s command center and monitor the ship from the control room. When you are ready to move out, grab the handle on top and zoom into action at hyperspeed. This is amazing!

 LEGO Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer

Elite TIE Fighter Pilot

Get ready for action with the Elite TIE fighter Pilot.

Elite TIE Fighter Pilot LEGO set

Build this figure with red-striped helmet and breathing system and then he’ll be ready for battle. Arm his spring-loaded blaster rifle and you’re ready to take on the Resistance.

 LEGO Star Wars Elite Tie Fighter Pilot


Rey is a favorite of mine! Awaken the power of the Force with this Rey buildable action hero.

Rey LEGO Set

Gear her up with her blue Lightsaber and laster pistol and she is ready for battle. If she runs into trouble, turn the wheel to take a swing at the First Order troopers.  Rey might be on my Christmas list this year!

 LEGO Star Wars Rey

Elite Praetorian Guard

Protect the First Order with Supreme Leader Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guard.

Elite Praetorian Guard LEGO set

He comes with a 2-handed bladed staf wth lasers that you can separate to create 2 smaller weapons.  Get him ready for battle and then movethe lever to swing the arms and send his opponents running for cover.

 LEGO Star Wars Elite Praetorian Guard


I save the best for last! This Chewbacca LEGO set is another set that is going on my Christmas list!

Chewbacca LEGO set

Everyone’s favorite Wookiee is ready to roar into battle.  Strap on his ammo belt and bag, grab his bowcaster and he is the bigest, baddest (yet still lovable) LEGO Wookiee ever!

 LEGO Star Wars Chewbacca

All of these Star Wars: The Last Jedi LEGO sets are AMAZING! I’m sure my boys will be asking for several of them for their upcoming birthdays and Christmas.

Which set is your favorite?

The Last Jedi LEGO Sets

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