Oreo cookie


It is HOT outside and we have been looking for anyway we can find to stay cool.  We have been putting our Zoku Quick Pop Maker to good use to help us beat the heat.  Here is the latest recipe we have tried: Oreo Cookie Pops!  If you love cookies, (especially Oreos) and love popsicles then this recipe is for you!

I found this recipe in the Zoku Quick Pops Recipe Book and although these ruined my diet for the day, it was definitely worth it!  I thought it would be a fun treat to share for the weekend.

Oreo Cookie Pops


I even told myself that I could make these for my boys without eating one but who was I kidding.  Cookies have always been and will forever be my weakness.  And just look at these!  How could you resist?  And just typing this is making me crave another one.  Good thing I have one secretly stashed away but don’t tell my kids. 😉  Is my secret safe with you?  Good.


Oreo cookie pops

I hope you have a fun and safe weekend and find a way to stay cool!

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