Things I Wish I Had Known Before Having Kids

I’ve been a mom for what feels like a long time now.  It’s hard to look back at the time when my first son was born and even remember what that time was like.  I know I was completely clueless! But I loved that little boy with a love I didn’t know existed.  Looking back, it’s hard to know what I would have told myself to prepare for being a mom. Or if I would have just wanted to stay naive and take each day and each challenge as it came. When I asked my Moms of Boys community, “What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Would Have Known Before Having Kids?”, I loved all of the answers. Things I Wish I Had Known Before Having Kids When I asked moms to share the things they wish they had known before having kids, I love that some moms were content with being naive and learning along the way, and other moms have some pretty real, yet funny responses to what they wish they would have known before having kids.  Life with kids is definitely an adventure and there is something to be learned every single day and through every stage your child goes through. […]

The Serious Pregnancy Complication You’ve Never Heard Of

Placenta Accreta is a serious pregnancy complication that most people have never heard of.  After experiencing Placenta Accreta with my 4th baby, I feel the need to educate other moms to trust their instincts if they feel something is not right with their pregnancy. Placenta Accreta: The Serious Pregnancy Complication You’ve Never Heard of I was never one to have “easy” pregnancies.  In fact, after my third son was born prematurely, I wasn’t sure if I could emotionally handle another difficult pregnancy.  When we decided to have one more child, I was expecting bed-rest and even weekly injections to keep him growing as long as possible.  What I wasn’t expecting was to have a dangerous pregnancy complication that could have ended my life.  Most people have never heard of Placenta Accreta, but I’ve been feeling very strongly that I needed to share my story to help educate expecting moms and also to encourage them to follow their intuitions regarding their pregnancies.  This post isn’t meant to scare anyone and this condition is very rare, but if I can help even one mom, than I need to share my experience. […]

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