I’ve been a mom for what feels like a long time now.  It’s hard to look back at the time when my first son was born and even remember what that time was like.  I know I was completely clueless! But I loved that little boy with a love I didn’t know existed.  Looking back, it’s hard to know what I would have told myself to prepare for being a mom. Or if I would have just wanted to stay naive and take each day and each challenge as it came. When I asked my Moms of Boys community“What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Would Have Known Before Having Kids?”, I loved all of the answers.

Things I wish I had known before having kids

Things I Wish I Had Known Before Having Kids

When I asked moms to share the things they wish they had known before having kids, I love that some moms were content with being naive and learning along the way, and other moms have some pretty real, yet funny responses to what they wish they would have known before having kids.  Life with kids is definitely an adventure and there is something to be learned every single day and through every stage your child goes through.

Things I Wish I Had Known Before Having Kids (According to Moms!)

“That “catching him being good” and happily commenting on it works miracles on unwanted behavior and brings peace and love into the home.” – Susan H.

“That no matter what you do, how you do it, or when you do it…. everybody has an opinion about everything. So just do what works for you!” – Renate S.

“Its ok to parent in your own style. You have to live with the choices you make. Its ok to say although i appreciate your advice, im going to make this decision with my husband and stand by our belief….lol…like when people told me to let my son cry….he rarely cried. It didn’t make me weak to check on him.” – Farrah M.

“I wish I would have been more confident in my parenting choices and not let the opinions of other mothers make me question my own instincts.”- Felicia M.

“I wish that someone would of told me when I had my first (I was 17 and everyone in my life other than my parents said I couldn’t do it) that every patents makes a lot of mistakes and that it is ok as long as you made them with the best of intentions and always had their best interest at heart. Now 14 yrs and 3 kids later I know I’m not mother of the year but I’m ok with that because my kids are happy, healthy and well taken care of.” – Theresa J.

“To schedule date night with my husband on a regular basis. That it’s okay that Dad doesn’t do it the same way you do, even when it works for you. That you will question every single thing you do every day. That the book isn’t always right, sometimes you have to put it down and do what feels right to you. Oops, you only wanted one thing!” – Shannon V.

“How much formula and daycare were and how fast babies grow out of clothes. And to ask for help and not worry about being judged for your parenting choices.” – Nicole S.

“Nothing. I wouldn’t have told the before-baby-me anything. The surprises in the journey is what makes it so unique. I would choose to be oblivious all over again.” – Laura

“That your baby doesn’t know that you don’t know what you’re doing.” – Megan A.

So, tell me, What Do You Know Now, That You Wish You Would Have Known Before Having Kids?

Before Having kids

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