4th of July Waffles

These 4th of July Waffles were a hit! These were originally shared as a part of our Summer Survival for Moms of Boys series.  I love making fun holiday-inspired breakfasts and this was worth a re-share.  They are SO good! 4th of July Waffles These 4th of July Waffles are so easy to make and would go perfectly with our Fruit Rockets (which your kids will love!)   I’ve said this before but my boys tend to eat more fruit if it is presented to them in a fun way, and this is pretty fun! How to make 4th of July Waffles: […]

Back to School Day Planner Cover Tutorial

It’s Back-To-School week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys.  It’s the last week of the series.  Can you believe that? Today Karly from Paisley Roots is sharing this fun Back-to-School Day Planner Cover Tutorial. Day Planner Cover Tutorial This Day Planner Cover is so much fun!  My boys are getting older and are getting more picky about the types of school supplies they want.  I love that this Day planner cover can be made in any fabric so that boys can express their own personality  Karly with Paisley Roots shares a really great step-by-step tutorial so make sure you check it out.  […]

Breakfast for Back to School

These breakfast ideas for the first day of school from Frenchie Wraps are adorable!  I love doing fun things for the first day of school and I love this fancy but fun breakfast idea. Easy Breakfast for Back to School I really can’t believe the summer is coming to an end!  It flew by.  This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys we are sharing ideas for heading back to school because, unfortunately, we can’t have Summer all year round.   This Easy Breakfast for Back to School post by Frenchie Wraps is  a post about  a fun way to celebrate the end of summer with a fun and funky table setting. You can get the entire family involved in the decorations and setting of the table with printables by caravanshoppe.com.  […]

Dry Ice Experiments

How cool are these Dry Ice Experiments from Crafting in the Rain?  My boys are going to be begging to go to the store for some dry ice. Dry Ice Experiments Can I just say how much I love science!  Science is the theme for this week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys and I am loving all of the experiments that have been shared. If there is one thing that I hope I am doing in my children’s education it is teaching them to love science as much as I do.  Sadly, children seem to lose their enthusiasm for science the older they get but I am determined to keep my boys excited about learning and experimenting.  It is experiments like these Dry Ice Experiments from Crafting in the Rain , that are just the thing to help keep their enthusiasm alive. […]

Easy Water Experiments

These Easy Water Experiments from Let’s Go Junking, are a perfect way to learn science and potentially stay cool. This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys,  our theme is Science!  Tracey from Let’s Go Junking is sharing 4 easy but really fun Water Science Experiments including how to make a Tornado!  My boys are so excited to try that. […]

Melting Marshmallows – Simple Science

The theme for this week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys is Science!  I love this fun and simple Melting Marshmallows Experiment from Mom is the Only Girl. Melting Marshmallow Experiment We have done a few experiments that involve the sun and have even made a solar oven that we baked cookies in.  I love this simple experiment that demonstrates the power of the sun.  This Melting Marshmallow experiment from Mom is the Only Girl is super fun and simple for even the youngest scientists.  It is always fun to let kids hypothesize what they think will happen and then see what actually happens. […]

Exploding Soda – Fun with Science

It is Science week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys and today Arien with One Krieger Chick is sharing one of our personal favorite activities: Exploding Soda! Exploding Soda You may have seen similar pictures floating around of soda exploding into the air but how does that work?  You can get instructions and see for yourself at OneKriegerChick.com. […]

Camping Pre-K Pack

It’s camping week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys and I am loving this Camping Pre-K Pack from Over the Big Moon! Camping Pre-K Pack In these Camping Pre-K Packs you find approx 30 pages of Pre-K and K aged learning and fun!  In this Camping Pre-K Pack you will find Prewriting Practice Sheets, Cutting Practice, Pattern Sheets, Puzzles, Color the Campfire, Shadow Matching, Letter Identification and more!!  This is perfect to help get your littles ready to head to school!  You could even print these out and use them to entertain the kids on your way to your next camping trip.  So cute! […]

5 Tips for Camping with Kids

If you’ve ever been camping with kids you know that it takes a lot of planning to make things go smoothly.  Today’s Summer Survival for Moms of Boys post is 5 Tips for Camping with Kids from Gallamore West. Camping with Kids Laurie from Gallamore West shares 5 practical things that you can do to make camping with kids a lot easier and she shares some really yummy camping food ideas.  Her 5 tips for camping with kids will make your next camping trip a breeze. […]

Backyard Camping – Summer Survival

One of my greatest childhood memories comes from outdoor camp-outs in our yard or at my friends homes.  I love this post on Backyard Camping from The Real Housewives of Riverton.  It’s too hot to sleep outside at our house during the Summer but as soon as it cools off we’ll definitely be doing this. Backyard Camping This week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys we are talking all about camping.   My boys beg us all summer long to take them camping so I love the idea of just setting up camp in the backyard.   Backyard Camping doesn’t have to be complicated and The Real Housewives of Riverton show us how to set up a simple camp and even how to make oven S’mores.  Yum!  She also includes some safety tips for parents if you are letting your kids stay outside by themselves.   […]

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