The theme for this week on Summer Survival for Moms of Boys is Science!  I love this fun and simple Melting Marshmallows Experiment from Mom is the Only Girl.

melting marshmallowsMelting Marshmallow Experiment

We have done a few experiments that involve the sun and have even made a solar oven that we baked cookies in.  I love this simple experiment that demonstrates the power of the sun.  This Melting Marshmallow experiment from Mom is the Only Girl is super fun and simple for even the youngest scientists.  It is always fun to let kids hypothesize what they think will happen and then see what actually happens.

Mom is the Only Girl is a blog about is a blog all about a mom and her boys.  Love it!  Tricia shares fun activities for kids so take a minute and check out her blog.

Check out all of our Summer Survival for Moms of Boys activities and check back for the remaining Science posts!  As a Biology teacher at heart, this is my favorite week!

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