Free Printable Road Trip Games

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Road trip season is coming and my family is planning to travel a lot!  We have made several trips across the country and back with our kids.  Are we crazy??  I think we might be.  In preparation for each trip, I have search for free printable road trip games that will help to keep my kiddos entertained for the long haul across the country. Free Printable Road Trip Games Traveling with 4 boys is hard!  Even a trip to the store can leave me at my wits ends.  So when my husband brought up the ideas of a cross-country road trip in an RV a few years back, I thought he may have lost it.  Could the 6 of us we really survive two weeks in an RV?  But, I was determined to be prepared with travel games and activities to keep my kids entertained. These free printable road trip games are so fun!  I even found myself playing along with my kids! […]

Disney Vacation Planner

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If you are planning a Disney vacation, then you know that it can get overwhelming.  This printable Disney Vacation Planner will help to take the stress out of your trip so you can just enjoy the magic!  And trust me, it will be SO magical! Disney Vacation Planner We are a Disney family.  I have loved being able to take my boys to Disneyland over the years and the Disney Social Media Moms celebration at Disney World.  Talk about magical!  But I also know that it can be a bit stressful to plan a Disney vacation. This Disney Vacation Planner makes it easier to plan before you leave for Disney and to stay organized once you arrive. […]

LEGO® Americana Roadshow at Fashion Show

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There are always exciting things going on in Las Vegas, and this week the LEGO® Americana Roadshow rolled into town at Fashion Show. My boys couldn’t have been more excited! LEGO® Americana Roadshow The LEGO® Americana Roadshow is a traveling display of some of our nations most famous landmarks, made entirely out of LEGO®!  It takes three 53 ft trucks, and lots of manpower to make this event happen and it is definitely worth a visit. If you or your children love LEGO® and you are in Las Vegas this week, this is a must-see event.  We were amazed at the detail that went in to making each exhibit look as realistic as possible. […]

Tips for Visiting This is the Place Heritage Park – Salt Lake City

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Have you ever wished you could go back in time and experience life on the frontier?  A visit to This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City is like taking a step in a time machine and you can experience what the West was like in the early settlement in Utah.  We recently visited Salt Lake City and had a wonderful time at This is the Place Heritage Park and Utah’s Hogle Zoo. This is the Place Heritage Park When we first arrived at This is the Place Heritage Park, we realized that it was quite spread out, but there is a train that stops at a few locations around the perimeter of the park that is continuously running.  You can just hop on and hop off the train at different areas of the park.  […]

Visiting Utah’s Hogle Zoo with Your Family

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We recently had the opportunity to visit Salt Lake City and we were excited to visit some of the area’s attractions.  I asked around for the must-see places to visit in Salt Lake City with kids, and Utah’s Hogle Zoo was the top of everyone’s list.  For our visit, we received Salt Lake City Connect passes which allowed us to visit several locations around town, and Utah’s Hogle Zoo was our first stop. Visiting Utah’s Hogle Zoo with Your Family […]

Road Trip Books Kids Will Love

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If you are making plans to travel this summer, National Geographic has put out some road trip books kids will love and learn from as you travel. Road Trip Books Kids Will Love We are preparing to head out on a grand adventure across the United States and as I have been preparing to entertain 4 boys in an RV for two weeks (Am I crazy??), I have been looking into different books that will keep them entertained and also educate them about some of the National Parks we will be visiting and other locations along the way. With these road trip books, kids will be stay entertained and they just might learn a thing or two which is always a plus!  […]

Printable Travel Bingo Cards

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Road trip season is coming and if you are preparing to hit the open road with your family, you will need to bring along some entertainment like these printable travel Bingo cards.  You can probably imagine that traveling with 4 boys isn’t always a walk in the park for me.  In fact, sometimes I feel as though I can’t even make it to the grocery store with my boys without almost losing my mind.    Road trips can get loud and chaotic if I’m not prepared with something for them to do, especially when you are enclosed in a vehicle and you can’t get away from the noise! Printable Travel Bingo Printable Travel Bingo is fun because it can keep kids entertained while they look out the window instead of just staring at a screen the entire time you are driving.  Use candy as the game pieces or laminate your Bingo cards and use a dry-erase marker to keep track of the items that your kids spot. […]

Every Kid in a Park: Free National Park Pass for 4th Grade Students

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We love visiting the beautiful National Parks in our area and I am so excited to see that the National Parks Foundation is offering a free National Parks pass to all 4th graders and their families for the 2015/2016 school year as a part of the Every Kid in a Park initiative. Every Kid in a Park I grew up in Utah where we had some of the most beautiful National Parks within a day’s drive, including Zion, Bryce and Arches.  It’s amazing to me that you can drive a few short hours and find some of the most strikingly different landscapes.   The main goal of the Every Kid in a Park initiative is to get 4th grade students and their families outside and able to enjoy the nature that is found in the mountains, forest, and lakes within our National Parks.  […]

Tips for Flying with Kids

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In the past year we have completed three cross-country flights with our kids and flying with kids is not easy!  I thought I would share some tips for flying with kids and how to keep kids entertained on an airplane. Tips for Flying With Kids We recently returned from Disney World, where I attended the Disney Social Media Moms conference, and then we turned around and flew back to Washington DC to visit family.  Both trips were amazing, but I also learned a thing or two about flying with kids and how to keep kids entertained on an airplane during a cross-country flight.  Our flights were definitely not very fun but luckily I was prepared with entertainment and snacks that helped to keep my children happy. […]

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