Raise your hand if your kids LOVE Star Wars! Mine do. Naturally, I’m raising four boys so they all love Star Wars with a passion. There have been many birthdays in which Star Wars has been requested and I obliged. Since it can be expensive to buy a Star Wars cake it’s fun to make them ourselves. Here are 13 Amazing Star Wars cake ideas! Let the challenge of choosing a cake begin.


Star Wars Cake Ideas

These 13 Star Wars cake ideas give me some new perspective on making cakes. It’s fun to change it up and challenge ourselves in the cake making field. Plus, if these bloggers can do it, so can we. Making cakes can also be a family adventure. I know my boys really love making cakes with us. The next step is to pick out a cake and enjoy making it by yourself or with your family.

1. Ewok Cake | Yes, my boys love Ewok, so it makes sense that this is one of our favorites!
2. Anakin Skywalker Sitting Birthday Cake |  I want someone to make this for one of my son’s next year.
3. BB-8 Cookie Cake |  BB-8 has always been one of my favorite Star Wars characters.
4. Darth Vader Star Wars Cake |  This Star Wars cake is a real winner.
5. Yoda and Chewie Star Wars Cupcakes | Chewie is the most adorable Star Wars character in my book, so this cake equals perfection.
6. BB-8 Cake |  Another awesome BB-8 cake that is amazing. One of my goals in life is to make this cake.Star Wars Cake Ideas7. Storm Trooper Cupcakes |  I love this cake so much. It’s the perfect Star Wars cake.
8. Princess Leia Cupcakes |  For all the Star Wars fans who love Princess Leia, you’re going to LOVE this.
9. Star Wars BB-8 Cupcakes | BB-8 is a favorite in this household if you can’t tell.
10. Star Wars Wampa Cake | How incredible is this cake? A perfect Star Wars cake option for sure.
11. Star Wars Push-Up Cakes | What’s not to love about about these Star Wars Push-Up cakes? Give them a try!
12. Jabba the Hutt Cake | This is hands down one of the best Star Wars cakes out there. Jabba the Hutt would even want to eat this cake!
13. R2-D2 Cake | You know you want to make this for your R2-D2 lover!

Star Wars Cake Ideas

What’s your favorite Star Wars cake on this list? Which one will you make first? Let us know! 

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