It’s that time of year again.  We reflect on the year past and resolve to do things differently in the year to come.  This year, why not try some of these Resolutions That Every Mom Should Make. 


 15 Resolutions Every Mom Should Make

For most of us it is the same thing every year.  A new year rolls around and we look at our life and try and find things that we can improve on for the next year.  We set goals and we try to find ways to reach our goals.   Did you know that statistics show that by the first week of February, 92% of New Year’s resolutions have already failed?  Maybe it is because we are focusing our attention on the wrong things.  Maybe we look in the mirror and try and focus on changing the things we can see instead of the things that are deep inside and hidden from view. We focus on “dusting” the things on the surface when really we need to deep clean.

I’ve put together 15 resolutions every mom should make to help her be happy and ultimately healthy. 

1-Forgive yourself and let go of the mom guilt

Every mom has moments of weakness.  Moments where we just react or do something we regret later.   Or even moments where we are so busy that some things fall through the cracks and we let our kids down.  We need to forgive ourselves for not being perfect and learn from mistakes and then move on.  I am a different mom than I was when my oldest two were little.  I am more patient, and more fun now but I have held on to a sense of guilt due to the mom I used to be.  But today is the day I allow myself to move on and let go of the guilt.  You can’t change the past but you can make the future better.

2-Enjoy what you already have

Too many times our focus is on what we don’t have and we forget that we have already have so much.  Some of the happiest people on earth have very little when it comes to material possessions.  Like the saying says, “Money can’t buy happiness.” If you are having a hard time enjoying the things you already have, make a list of all that you have, and not just material things, and read it daily.  Focus on the friendships, family, health, freedom, and those things that money can’t buy.

3-Surround yourself with optimistic people

Don’t let other people rain on your parade.  There will always be that person who finds the negative in every situation.  Don’t let them steal your happiness from you.  Find people who make you feel good and who are optimistic. Focus on spending time with them because their positivity will rub off on you.

4-Stop judging yourself by the standards set by Pinterest

I love Pinterest. But I know a lot of people who feel like they will never measure up to the things they find there.  Let’s face it, we won’t.  Now say this with me, “I will not judge myself based on the things I see on Pinterest.”   It might not be realistic for you to have the spotless, organized homes, fit body complete with a 6-pack,  extravagant birthday parties,  etc but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate those who have them.  There is nothing I hate more than getting on the internet and finding that moms are having “mommy wars” over the way we choose to live.  There is only one me and I am enough.  I have amazing friends with amazing talents that I will never have and that is okay.  In fact, that is great because I have learned to appreciate the beauty and talents of other moms.

5-Schedule in “Me” time every day

Yep, I said “Schedule” in me time.  If you don’t schedule it in, it most likely won’t get done.  That might mean getting up earlier than the kids or staying up a bit later but make sure that it happens.  As mothers, we need time to recharge our batteries and do the things we enjoyed doing before we had kids.  Our kids are our life and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but they deserve to have a happy mom.   One way to be the best mom we can is to make sure we have alone time to do the things we enjoy.

6-Be nice to yourself

One of my boys came to me recently and asked if everyone talks to themselves in their head sometimes.  It was really cute and I told him that everyone does and that the things we tell ourselves in our head are really important.  The things we tell ourselves in our head are the things our heart starts to believe.  If you say positive and uplifting things, you will believe them.  If you are constantly talking down to yourself, you will believe it as well.  Our thoughts are powerful, so use them in an uplifting way.  Let’s face it, we would never speak to someone else the way we often speak to ourselves.  Be kind to yourself.

7-Live in the present

Those who know me know that I am big on setting goals and planning for my family’s future but we need to not get so caught up on what we want to happen in the future that we forget to enjoy the present.  Today will never come again. Try to set aside some time today to just be present.  No phone, no computer, no electronics, no cleaning, no checking the clock, etc.  Just you and your family doing something you enjoy and focus all of your energy in that moment.

8-Embrace being you

We are all different and I love that we are all different.  Make it a goal to embrace your differences and to enjoy your uniqueness.  Don’t try to be someone you are not.  You are the person you are for a reason, so embrace it and love it.

9-Stop determining your worth by the number on the scale

I try and stay in shape and sometimes I am successful and sometimes I fall flat on my face.  Don’t determine your worth by the number that shows up when you step on the scale.  It is a number, nothing else.  I think it is great and important to set healthy goals and strive to reach them, but remember that your worth as a person doesn’t change with the number on the scale.

10-Follow your dreams

I have so many dreams for my life and for my family.  Some I have shared with others and some I am still too scared to put out there.   Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, even if it means failing    You only get one chance at life and it is never too late to take the first step towards reaching your dreams.

11-Slow down!

I need to tell myself this every single day.  I run and run and run and try to keep up to my 4 boys and all of their activities as well as provide healthy meals and keep the house liveable.  And sometimes I just need to stop and sit.  If you are feeling over-scheduled with your family life, see what you can do to cut things out.  This year we had to cut out flag football because it wasn’t possible for me to do it all. My boys were understanding and are looking forward to other sports in the near future.  Your family needs to understand that moms have limits and can only do so much.   Here is a great resource for juggling all of the demands of motherhood: 10 Ways to Balance the Juggling Act of Motherhood.

12-Find beauty in simple things

Just the other night I was in the rocking chair reading to my almost five-year-old and it hit me that these moments will be gone before I know it and I realized what a gift it is for me to be the mother of my 4  boys.  I love them with all of my heart and sometimes I take motherhood for granted.  It is beautiful moments like singing bedtime songs,  pushing my boys on the swing, and teaching them to read that I need as a reminder of how wonderful my life really is.  It is far from perfect, but life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

13-Stop trying to be perfect

We will never be perfect.  No one will ever be perfect. period.  And this is being said by a recovering perfectionist.  If you feel like you are running and running trying to keep up to some social norm, stop it.  It’s as easy as that.  We need to stop stressing ourselves out over things that don’t matter in the long run.  I am not perfect but  I am real and I want my kids to see me as real.

14-Make your happiness a priority

Why is it that moms often put themselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to happiness.  We work to keep our family happy, our kid’s teachers happy, our neighbors happy, etc but we tend to put ourselves down at the bottom of the list.  Start today to make happiness a priority for you.  Move yourself to the top because if you are happy and content, it is a lot easier to have a happy family since they will feed off of your mood.  Remember the saying, ‘When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”    If you are having a hard time finding happiness, this list might help: 25 Ways to Get Out of a Mommy Rut.

15-Don’t be scared of change

I’m sure my parents will laugh at this one.  I have never adjusted to change very well, in fact, I hate change.  But with change comes growth.  One of my favorite quotes says, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”  Or in other words, if you want something different or better with your life, you have to be willing to accept change and discomfort.  I recently read the book, Who Moved My Cheese? ,and it gave me an entire new perspective on dealing with change.  If you have a hard time making positive changes in your life, you need to read it!  There is also a version for teens and kids.

 Who Moved My Cheese?Who Moved My Cheese? Who Moved My Cheese? for TeensWho Moved My Cheese? for Teens WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? for KidsWHO MOVED MY CHEESE? for Kids

This year instead of trying to make resolutions that will make you feel bad if you don’t reach them, focus on this list of simple things everyone can do to increase happiness and contentment in the coming year.

What can you add to this list?  Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? 

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