Holidays are big around here and with Spring comes Easter and with Easter comes Easter Eggs.  Today I am sharing 20+ Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs.

Decorate Easter Eggs

Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

My boys love decorating Easter Eggs each year and we love looking for new fun ways to decorate Easter eggs.   I have searched high and low and have found some really fun and unique ideas that I can’t wait to try out this year.

How to Decorate Easter Eggs

1. Dinosaur Easter Eggs  – These are our personal favorite way to decorate Easter eggs!

Dinosaur Eggs for Easter

2. Rainbow Colored Easter Eggs These would make great deviled eggs.

3. Silk Tie Easter Eggs -These are so pretty! I had no idea you could decorate eggs like this.

4. Glitter Easter Eggs I love all things that glitter! So fun!

5. Tie-Dye Easter Eggs If your kids have a little patience, these Easter eggs are so fun to make!

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

6. Rubber Band Easter Eggs – This is such a simple idea and the results are so cool!

7. Foil Eggs These are so unique. You could decorate them in so many ways.

8. Humpty Dumpty Family – Haha! These are so funny!

9. Vibrant Color Eggs -Ooh!! So bright!

10. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs These are SO cool!


11. Speckled Easter Eggs This is a simple way to create speckled Easter eggs.

12. Glitter Egg Diorama This is a fun thing to do with leftover egg shells.

13. Monogrammed Easter Eggs These are fun for moms!

14. Chalkboard Easter Eggs So these aren’t exactly “eggs” but still a fun way of creating some fun this Easter.

15. Magazine-Inspired Eggs These are so fancy! I love the flowers.


16. 3-D Panoramic Eggs These 3-D Easter eggs are so cute and perfect for older kids who want a challenge.

17. Tie-Dye Easter Eggs This is another fun way to tie-dye Easter eggs.

18. Modge Podge Easter Eggs Kids would have so much fun making these Modge Podge Easter eggs

19-Baking Soda Easter Eggs Mixing science and Easter. So fun!!

20. Volcano Egg Dyeing My boys are definitely wanting to try these volcano Easter eggs.

volcano egg dyeing

My boys are asking if we can try each of these ways to decorate Easter Eggs.  Luckily they are getting old enough to start decorating eggs on their own.  I still supervise, but for the most part they can decorate their eggs on their own. I can’t decide which Easter eggs are my favorite!  They are all so creative!

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

What is your favorite way to decorate Easter Eggs? 

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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