Do your kids love photography?  Here are 7 Photography Tips for Kids who love taking pictures.

Photography Tips

Photography Tips for Kids

I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of an interview with National Geographic Photographer Annie Griffiths.  Annie has traveled to over 150 countries and photographed everything from camels to breathtaking landscapes and most importantly has told the story of hundreds of people from across the globe.  She has now partnered with National Geographic Kids to produce a National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography full of photography tips for kids (although I am learning just as much as my boys!)

Annie shared these 7 Photography Tips for Kids that will help them to be better able to capture their life and the amazing world around them.

1. Tell a Story

Photography should be more than just catching an action shot.  For example, Annie says if you are at a soccer game, teach kids to photograph more than just the kid kicking the ball. Get them in the habit of looking around and telling a complete story.  Look for emotions, see what the other spectators are doing and be ready to capture moments that aren’t even a part of the game.

Photography Tips

Photo courtesy of Annie Griffiths/ National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography

2. Camera Choice

When asked about what type of camera kids should be practicing photography on, Annie said to give them anything that is not expensive or fragile so you don’t have to hover over them and stifle their creativity by worrying about your camera.  I think that is great advice!  Kids would definitely be less likely to be creative if they are worrying about breaking your camera.

3. Get Closer When you Photograph People

It is the face of people that makes us love them and not their shoes.  So move in close and show the beautiful details of their face.

Photography tips for kids

Photo courtesy of Annie Griffiths/ National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography

4. Take Time to Think about Composition

Composition is the way you arrange objects/people in the frame of your picture.  This is one place that you can be most creative.  Remember that what is left out of the frame is just as important as what is included in a frame.  If something is distracting from the subject of your photograph, leave it out.

5. Get Moving

If you have taken several shots in one place, move around to get a different angle or perspective.  Think about how the object would look close up, far away, from above or behind.  The best photographers move around a lot!

Photography Tips

Photo courtesy of Annie Griffiths/ National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography

6. Don’t Photograph People in the Sun

Bright sun is the worst light for taking pictures of people. The bright sun creates too many shadows and may even make people squint.  Find a shady spot with softer light when taking a picture of your best friend or family.

7. Quality not Quantity

We live in the digital world where we can take hundreds and hundreds of pictures of one thing and not worry about using up expensive film.  But Annie says that it is better to take fewer pictures that are more thoughtfully composed.  It is not about how many pictures you can take, but about how cool those pictures turn out!Photography Tips

Photo courtesy of Annie Griffiths/ National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography

These are just a few Photography Tips for Kids shared by Annie Griffiths in National Geographic Kids Guide to Photography and on our interview with her.  If you have a budding photographer in your family, they will love this book!

Photography Tips for Kids

Do your kids love photography?  Make sure to check out My Shot, which is an online photo community for kids by National Geographic Kids.  Members can share their photos with the world and might even be featured as the user of the week.  Kids can even enter the International Photography Contest where they can potentially win a National Geographic National Parks family adventure or a trip to Washington D.C.  So exciting!

Photography Tips

What Photography Tips for Kids can you add to this list?

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