Today was my Grandpa’s birthday so naturally we had a party.  There were balloons, cake, singing and Glen’s Great Zesty Trail Drive Goulash (more on that in a minute), but the only thing missing was Grandpa.

This is his second birthday we have celebrated since he passed away and I still miss him everyday.   My grandpa was a huge part of my life and my emotions are still close to the surface  but if Grandpa knew that I was sitting around crying over him he’d probably kick me in the rear. So instead, we had a party!

I’ve tried to make it a tradition on days like today to celebrate those who have passed on with a recipe that reminds me of them.  Grandpa made up Glen’s Great Zesty Trail Drive Goulash and submitted it into a beef cook-off competition.  He won the “most creative” award. 🙂  It still makes me smile to remember how proud he was of this recipe.  You have to click on the link just so you can read his commentary before and after his recipe.  It might not be a recipe fit for Pinterest but he was always good for a laugh.

We looked through a memory book of him, sang happy birthday and had cake,birthday-cake

and then we all shared a memory that we have of him and let off a few balloons.birthday-balloons


My grandpa was a man of MANY words.  He was fun to be around and loved to tell stories and he was never afraid to express his opinion on things.  One thing that still makes me sad is that my boys might not remember much about him as they get older.  It’s days like today that I want to  make extra special so that I can help keep his memory fresh in their minds.   Grandpa was always quoting his favorite quotes or stories and I think all of his grandkids could probably quote many of them from memory.  Three of those quotes that come to mind are some of life’s lessons that I hope to teach my boys.

1: Work Hard and Do Your Best!Do_it_well


2-Be Smart With Your Moneydon't_buy_things_you_don't_


3-Be a Lifter, Not a Leaner (grandpa’s favorite poem)Two_kinds_of_people


So, Happy Birthday Grandpa!  We love you and miss you!