Angry Birds Birthday Party

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Look who flew in and CRASHED the party!  When my 6 year old wanted an Angry Birds birthday party we knew we could have some fun with it. He was so excited the entire day and since we had lots of 5-6 year olds coming over we knew we needed to have fun Angry Birds Birthday party food.   We had:

Angry Birds Pizza,

Angry Birds Birthday party


Angry Birds Birthday Party

The “Red” bird

Start with a cheese pizza and add pepperoni for the feathers, mushroom tops with sliced olives for the eyes, olives for eyebrows and cut cheese slices for the beak.

Angry Birds Birthday Party

The “White” bird

Cheese pizza with mushroom eyes, olive eyebrows and top feathers and cut cheese slices for beak again.  I think they turned out so cute!  They were a hit and my boys loved them!


And Angry Birds cake:

Angry Birds Birthday Party


I have seen some pretty amazing Angry Birds cakes around the internet.  This is the version for those of us with limited cake baking skills. 😉  For the slingshot, birds and pigs I used the Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game.

Angry Birds Birthday Party

And for the pigs “castle” I used chocolate covered wafer cookies and cut up brownie bites.

We even decorated his presents to look like Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Presents:

Angry Birds birthday party

These were really easy to make using this free printable from The Party Animal website.  I used these printables for so many different things in this party.  So glad I didn’t have to make them myself.

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Make a Wish!

Happy Birthday!  Make a wish!

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Easy Angry Birds cakes

Angry Birds Cake

Life-size slingshot tutorial still to come.

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