When my 6 year old had this Angry Birds birthday party, little brother actually thought it was his party.  So…for his 4th birthday we did a repeat of the games and the pizza (made it easy on mom) but I thought I’d try and make it a little bit different by making some new and easy Angry Birds cakes.Easy Angry Birds cakes


These were so easy!  I’ll be honest, cake decorating and I don’t get along so I insist on extra easy decorating or else I end up with a pile of broken cake.   I’ve found that I can turn a round cake into just about anything and my boys are always pretty happy with them.  Just don’t look too closely. 🙂

So, for these cakes we had two round cakes decorated with white frosting.  Then I got some red and blue sprinkles and colored sugar from our bakery and used black licorice strings for the outlines.  The eyes are large marshmallows smashed flat with Junior Mints for eyeballs and eyebrows.  Easy, Peasy, Lemon-squeasy (as my boys say).Easy Angry Birds cakes.

Not necessarily professional, but this little guy didn’t seem to mind.  In fact when he saw them he said, “Angry Bird cakes? Oh BOY!” (You have to imagine that in a high squeaky voice to get the full effect.)

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