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We’ve all been there. We think we’ve got this parenting thing all under control and for a brief moment we have a lapse of judgement and think it will be “fun” to take the littles to the store. Or at least we think it won’t be THAT bad.

When my boys were little, trips to Walmart or the grocery store literally did me in.

Avoid meltdowns

There was the time when I had all 4 of my boys with me and we traveled to the nearest Walmart which was 40 minutes from home. After feeling as though I was herding cats and putting all my effort into warding off tantrums and fights over who got to stand in front of the LEGO section first, we finally made it back out to our van with a cart loaded with groceries and kids.

As I reached in my purse to pull out the magic button that opened all the doors of the van, I realized the keys were not there. I searched and searched and searched and decided that in my attempt to control wrestlemania in the aisles of Walmart, that my keys must have fallen out somewhere.

I thought maybe I had left them in the car so I pulled out my spare key and checked inside. No keys.

Even though I did have a spare key, the problem was that my house key was with my car keys. Even if we made it home, we wouldn’t be able to get in the house.

I did as every mom would do. Pushed the cart full of groceries and kids BACK into the store and proceeded to walk up and down every single aisle of Walmart looking for my keys.

I went to the service desk to see if anyone had turned them in. No luck!

This entire time I am holding in tears, wondering what I was going to do and wondering what I was thinking taking all 4 of my boys to the store. We were pretty far from home and I just wanted to BE home!

After more than an hour of searching, I decided the keys were long gone and we would just have to head home and go to a neighbor’s house until my husband got home from work to open the door.

As I was ready to load the kids in the car, in another lapse of judgement, I left my cart with the kids on the sidewalk area in front of my car that runs through the middle of the parking lot and while I turned my back to open the doors, the cart full of groceries and kids rolled way and off the side of the sidewalk, spilling everything inside onto the road.

That is when the floodgates opened and I couldn’t stop the tears. The kids were crying. I was crying. We were an absolute MESS!

Luckily a very kind couple was walking by and helped me gather my groceries and kids off of the road. (Thank goodness for the cart seat belts they have for babies! My youngest was hanging there by the seat belt and was NOT thrown from the cart like one of my older boys.)

I loaded the groceries in the back and went to put my baby in his car seat and then I saw them…my keys were in his seat. I must have left them there when I got him out of his car seat.

From that day forward I vowed to do my shopping alone! But we all know that’s not always possible.

How to Avoid Taking Your Kids to the Grocery Store

Luckily now Walmart offers  Online Grocery Pickup. This service is a LIFESAVER!

My sister first told me about it and how easy it is to just add her grocery list from home and then when she is out running her kids around, she can choose a time to swing in and get her groceries in a matter of seconds.

So I decided to give it a try. With 4 boys in various activities, it is nearly impossible for me to find the time to go grocery shopping. We will be out of some essentials for days before I get to the store.

Now as I run out of items, I can easily add them to the Walmart Online Grocery Pickup app, set my time of pickup, and pull in. A personal shopper brings the groceries right out to the car literally seconds after I pull in.

I have never been so happy to go grocery shopping in my life! Plus with my first order they gave me a fun little welcome bag with some freebies to try out. I’m always a fan of the freebie.

When you place your first order, you can get $10 of using the code WOWFRESH.

The convenience of this service is just amazing and my order has been correct so far every single time.

So next time you have that lapse of judgement and think it won’t be THAT bad taking the kids out to the store, save yourself the stress and possible tears and download the Walmart Online Grocery Pickup app. You can shop at home in your jammies while the kids are sleeping and pick it up first thing in the morning, or whenever you know you’ll be out and about.

What is the worst thing you have dealt with while shopping with your kids? 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.