Once you have a mobile baby, everything changes for you.  Things that seemed very innocent, are suddenly hazards to your child as they beging to explore the world.  You can read my list of 25 Baby Proofing Hazards You May Have Forgotten and print out this Baby Proofing Checklist for a quick reference.

Baby Proofing Checklist

Baby Proofing Checklist

Obviously I didn’t realize just how stressful having a mobile baby could be, until I had one of my own.  I’ve looked back on my years of raising 4 babies and tried to put together a comprehensive list of things you should look for while baby proofing your home and I have listed them all in a free printable baby proofing checklist.

Baby Proofing Your Home Checklist

When most people think about baby proofing, they automatically think about covering outlets, or putting locks on the low cupboards throughout the house, but there are many, many other hazards that you may not have thought about.  Our post about Baby Proofing Hazards you May Have Forgotten, has always been incredibly popular, so I wanted to make a Baby Proofing Checklist that you can print out to help as you child proof your home.

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Take a look and let me know what else we can add to the list.  With technology changing so quickly and more and more products being introduced into our homes, I’m sure this list will continue to be updated and added to.

And this list is just as important for grandparents or other care providers.  Make sure that if you are leaving your baby with someone, that their home is safe from these hazards.  This list is also great for day care providers and baby sitters.  I hope this baby proofing checklist is helpful to you!  But always remember, that no list and no amount of baby proofing can take the place of parent/guardian supervision!

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