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Back to Blocks – Blocks by the Bucket

My boys were very excited last week when they received a package in the mail from Back to Blocks with a set of wooden blocks to play and build with.  My boys have always loved building with blocks but one things I have found is that it is really hard to find nice quality wooden blocks in fun shapes and sizes.  I’m sad to admit that my boys have actually just been using pieces from our Jenga game to build their towers and fortresses for their toy soldiers. Back to Blocks

But that won’t have to happen anymore.  These blocks are amazing!  I actually first came across Back to Blocks at a craft fair in my hometown over Thanksgiving about two years ago.  I am always on the lookout for ways to get my boys creating and using their imaginations and with these blocks the possibilities are endless.  Back to Blocks is family owned and operated and all of the blocks are made in the USA.  Bonus points!  They also come from natural hardwood and have no stains, paints or dyes so they are safe for even the youngest of builders.back to blocks

Of course my baby has to get involved in knocking over the towers that are built, much to the frustration of his older brothers. 🙂  You can tell just how proud he is to have “photobombed” his brother’s picture. Back to Blocks

As soon as we received our box of blocks, my boys had it opened up and my 5-year-old was entertained for the afternoon building tower after tower.  Even at bedtime I had to finally convince him that they would still be there when he woke up. I love that Back to Blocks has sets of blocks for every budget.  You can buy a little and add to your collection over time, or invest in a bucket or two.  They come with a bucket to store them all in.  I can’t tell you how many bags of blocks or building toys I have lying around my house.

Back to blocks

We have two May birthdays and I have finally found the perfect gift for my boys.  I can’t wait to surprise them with a big bucket of blocks and I’m excited to get into the building action as well.   Visit the Back to Blocks website for additional information and to get inspired about what you would build if you had unlimited wooden blocks.

Do your kids love to build with blocks?  What kind of blocks are your favorite?