Basketball cakeYesterday we celebrated the 7th birthday of one of the coolest kids I know. When he grows up he wants to be a professional basketball player so naturally he would want a basketball cake for his birthday.

I love using M&Ms to decorate cakes and the last M&M cake we made was the Angry Birds cake we made for my husband’s birthday last year.  I have said, many, many times before  that I am not a skilled cake decorator.  I will never be featured on Cupcake wars or any food wars for that matter, but I feel the only critic I need to impress is the birthday boy himself and being only 7, this cake didn’t disappoint. (Just pretend it turned out as a perfect circle okay?  Thanks!)

M&M Basketball Cake

M&Ms basketball cake

Supplies needed:

 Wilton Soccer Ball Pan

Orange M&Ms bought in bulk

Black M&Ms bought in bulk

Step 1- Bake two cakes using the soccer ball pan.  This took awhile since I had to wait for one to cool enough to get out of the pan before putting the other in the oven.  One tip I found is that it takes a lot longer than it says on the pan to cook completely.  Just watch your cakes until you can insert a toothpick that comes out clean.

Step 2- Let cakes cool completely and then cut off bottom so they are flat.

Step 3- Frost one half of the basketball with orange frosting and add the M&Ms in the pattern of a basketball before the frosting dries so they will stick.

Step 4- Let the decorated side sit for a bit until the frosting is set up and dried.

Step 5- Invert decorated cake onto a cake plate.  This was the hardest part!!  I had to be really careful not to  knock off the M&Ms.

Step 6- Add a thin layer of frosting and add second cake on top.  Decorate as you did the first.

And Voila!  One cool cake and one happy birthday boy.

M&Ms basketball cake

Follow the link to see how I made this simple, inexpensive basketball hoop cake plate.  Really, it is the coolest thing ever and I’m sure my more crafty friends could have all sorts of fun with it.

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