The Star Wars craze continues at our house. (I don’t think it could ever end with my boys!)  If you have a Star Wars fan in your house, they will love these BB-8 Pancakes.

BB-8 Pancakes

BB-8 Pancakes : Star Wars Breakfast

We love to make fun food, and we’ve been having a lot of fun discovering different Star Wars-inspired recipes.  These BB-8 Pancakes were a huge hit with my boys and surprisingly easy to make. 

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How to Make BB-8 Pancakes

Ingredients Needed:

Making BB-8 Pancakes was really easy to do.  I mixed up some pancake batter and made two shapes of pancakes.  The one for his body was a big round pancake and the pancake for his head was more of an oval shape.  I had to make a few to get the right shape.

When I am making decorated pancakes, I typically cook them over low heat so that they don’t get too browned.  They take a bit longer, but I like the result better.

Once the pancakes are cooked, place the round pancake in the center of a plate.  Cut the pancake for the head in half and add it to the plate.

BB-8 Pancakes

Place a chocolate candy melt and a black M&M as the buttons or “eyes”.

Star Wars pancakes

Then comes the fun part.  Add a few drops of orange food coloring to your whipped cream until you get the desired color of orange you want.  Then add the cream to a decorating bag (I use my Dessert Decorator) and use a round tip to decorate your BB-8.

Mix some sugar with a little cinnamon to add as dirt under your BB-8.

BB-8 Pancakes

Then serve your BB-8 pancakes to your anxiously awaiting kids.  They will love them!!

Star Wars breakfast

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