LEGO Valentines – For the LEGO Fan in Your Life

When I think of some of the things that my boys love, LEGO is towards the top of the list.  These LEGO Valentines are perfect for the LEGO fan in your life. LEGO Valentines I am always looking for some “boy-approved” Valentine ideas and I love creating some that I know my boys will love.   Since my boys love LEGO so much, I knew they would love to have some LEGO Valentines to hand out to their friends.   […]

Avengers Valentines – Printable Valentines for Kids

As I have mentioned [...]

Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Can you feel it?  Love is in the air.  Or so they say. 😉  And that means it is time to start thinking about what we will do for the people that we love on Valentine’s Day.  The kids at my house love it when I make fun food for the holidays so it just seems natural that I would make an Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast. Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast I’ve never really been one to go too overboard with Valentine’s Day.  I just love spending time with my family and I don’t need expensive presents to make me feel loved.  There’s nothing better than a hand-written card from my boys (including my husband) and everything else is just extras.  But we love making fun pancakes and this Valentine’s Day breakfast is easy to throw together and your kids will love having this fun meal. […]

“Sugar Cookie” Valentine Pancakes

It’s Valentine’s Day which means we had to have some fun Valentine Pancakes.  We love our Easy Valentine’s Breakfast that we have had in past years but this year we switched it up with these easy “Sugar Cookie” Valentine Pancakes. Sugar Cookie Valentine Pancakes We have a tradition of making fun pancakes for each holiday.  These “Sugar Cookie” Valentine Pancakes are easy enough for even the most amateur of pancake makers. 🙂  And, no, these do not taste like sugar cookies unfortunately but since we always decorate our sugar cookies with fun frosting, I thought we could do the same with pancakes, except with whipped cream instead of frosting.  And, by the way, if you HAVE a real sugar cookie pancake recipe, please send it my way and we can be bffs for life. […]

Mustache Valentines

It seems like everywhere you look right now you see things with mustaches.  I have no idea where or how mustaches became popular but we had to get in on the fun with these awesome Mustache Valentines. Mustache Valentines Valentine’s Day is so soon and these can be made in a jiffy.  Just download this free printable Mustache Valentine to print out your cards.  If you want you can print on card stock or cut these out and then glue them on to colored paper.  Either way these are so fun and perfect for both the boys and girls in your child’s classroom. Get your Mustache Valentine download here: […]

Crocodile Valentine Box

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and if your school allows, it is now time to start figuring out what you will make for your kid’s Valentine’s Day Box.  This Crocodile Valentine Box was a huge hit with my boys last year and is the perfect thing to “gobble” up all of those Valentines from friends. Crocodile Valentine Box This Crocodile Valentine Box doesn’t require very many supplies and we actually used a lot of recycled materials found around the house. […]

Love Bug Valentines

I love surprising my boys on Valentine’s Day.  Last year I made these fun Love Bug Valentines, which were a very easy Valentine’s Day treat, and left them by their bedroom door for them to find in the morning.  They were a huge hit! Affiliate links included for your convenience. Love Bug Valentines When I made these, I figured nearly all boys like bugs and my boys are no exception. And since white chocolate covered pretzels are my absolute favorite treat, I knew these Love Bug Valentines would be a hit. […]

Minion Valentine Box

Minion Valentine Box This minion Valentine box was one of the most fun projects we have ever done on the blog.  I seriously LOVE how it turned out.  It just makes me laugh. […]

40 Valentines for Boys

 Valentine’s Day is on the way and if your boys are like mine, they may not like all the lovey-dovey things that come with Valentine’s Day.  I’ve searched high and low and here are 40 Valentines for Boys that my boys have approved of. Valentines for Boys This year I am working to make Valentine’s Day easier for moms of boys. My boys love Valentine’s Day but it is really challenging to find them things that are boy-approved.  I’ve searched high and low and put together 40 Valentines for Boys.  I hope you love them as much as I do! […]

I “Mustache” You to be My Valentine

Mustache Valentine Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us and this year my goal is to make Valentine’s Day easier on moms of boys.  My boys aren’t in to anything lovey-dovey so we have to get a bit creative.  Earlier this week I shared 20 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boys so moms that are stumped on what gifts to purchase can get some ideas.  Today I’m sharing this fun, mustache Valentine for boys. […]

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