Minion Valentine Box

Minion Valentine Box

This minion Valentine box was one of the most fun projects we have ever done on the blog.  I seriously LOVE how it turned out.  It just makes me laugh. This week I am at a blogging conference in Anaheim and my boys and I have spent the past week preparing for Valentine’s Day.  I still wanted to make the week as fun as we normally do even though I won’t be home on Valentine’s Day.

We absolutely love Despicable Me 2 and watch it several times a week so this was the perfect fit.  Even my two-year-old loves this Minion Valentine Box and wanted it for himself. We debated on making a regular minion or the mean purple minions but purple won.

This was so easy to make!

Supplies needed:

1 large plastic container. I used a large container of Pretzels I purchased at Sam’s Club.

Purple Paint

Purple Easter grass

Craft Foam (We used self-adhesive)

Lid from mason jar

Aluminum foil

Large Black Sharpie

Minion Valentine BoxFirst we emptied out the container of pretzels and painted the container purple.

Then we cut the teeth and eye out of self-stick craft foam sheets.

Next we covered the lid with aluminum foil and glued it onto the face.

And finally we tied some Easter grass together and glued it to the top of the Minion for his wild hair. And I colored in the goggle strap and eyeball with marker.  And then you can either cut a slit in the top to put the Valentines in or just take off the lid.

I originally started making this project with my 5-year-old but as the paint dried, I went in to put his brother for a nap and I came back and found out that he had finished his all by himself and he was SO proud of himself.  I just love it so incredibly much!  Check it out.

Minion Valentine BoxI love it!

Do you make boxes for Valentine’s Day?  What type of boxes did your boys make?

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