Valentine’s Day is practically here and my boys and I have been busy with our preparations.  They are busy designing and decorating their boxes and I have been busy helping my 4-year-old (or maybe he is helping me) make pirate Valentine suckers for his preschool class.

It’s really hard to find anything that is boy related and original at Valentine’s Day.  My older boys wanted to stick with the traditional store-bought valentines taped to candy but my 4-year-old is currently obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates (his obsessions change weekly 🙂 ), so we decided to make pirates out of suckers.  I know, call me crazy!

Pirate ValentineHow to Make a Pirate Valentine out of a sucker

Supplies Needed:

  • Suckers
  • Tissue Paper
  • Red and White striped fabric
  • Red Fabric
  • Self-adhesive black craft foam
  • White feathers
  • Black pipe cleaner/ Fuzzy sticks

Supplies needed for Pirate valentine

Step 1:

Cut a 5″ x 5″ square of tissue paper and wrap it over the sucker.  Secure in the back with a piece of tape.

Tissue paper for Pirate Valentine

Step 2:

Cut an eye patch out of the black craft foam and attach it to the sucker.

eye patch for pirate valentine

Step 3:

Add one google eye and draw a nose and mouth on the pirate.  Cut a 9-10″ strip of red/white striped fabric and tie around the head for the bandana. I used some glue to secure the bandana so it wouldn’t fall off so easily.

Pirate Valentine face

Step 4:

Cut a pirate hat out of the black craft foam and cut off half of the paper on the back to make it easy to stick it to the pirate as well as add the feather.

hat for pirate valentine

Step 5:

Add the feather!  Every pirate captain needs a feather in his hat.

Pirate Valentine

Step 6:

Cut a craft fuzzy stick in half and wrap it around the sucker stick just below the sucker.  If you want you can also cut a small piece of a silver fuzzy stick to make a hook.

Pirate Valentine

And, Yo Ho Mateys, you have created a scurvy pirate. (Well, maybe I’m not the best at speaking “pirate”).  I added a heart that I made from a template found on The Graphics Fairy website with the different Valentine messages.

Pirate Valentine

To make Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, most of the steps were the same except I just cut his hair out of craft foam and tied a plain red piece of fabric around it for his bandana.  Then I added two googly eyes and looked at his picture online to draw the rest of his face.  I think he turned out really cute.  What do you think?  Does he look like Jake?

Pirate Valentine - Jake and the Neverland Pirates

I thought I would share a close up of all of the sayings I used on the Valentine’s.  Jake’s main saying on the show is “Yo Ho, Let’s Go!”  So I made his to say “Yo Ho, Let’s Go and have a fun Valentine’s Day”.

The other sayings I used were:

Yo, Ho, Ho!  I only have “eye” for you!

Ahoy Matey! I’d walk the plank for you!

Aargh!  I’m hooked on you Valentine!

Pirate Valentine Collage

Overall I have one happy 4-year-old.  He wanted to take his Valentines with him to Preschool today but I told him he needed to wait until Valentine’s Day.  Sometimes it’s hard to be patient when you’re little.

What type of Valentine are your kids giving out?

If you are looking for a fun Valentine breakfast idea you might like our Easy Valentine Breakfast.  This is a simple breakfast to make and my boys loved it.

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