Cookie Monster CakeI was looking through my picture files on an old computer and came across some fun birthday cakes from the past.  So I thought it would be perfect to share one for Throwback Thursday.  This Cookie Monster cake was perfect for my third son’s 1st birthday (say that three times fast. 🙂 )

I have found that you can pretty much take any round cake and turn it into any little critter you want and then make a smaller copy for cupcakes.  The picture isn’t the best on this but it was over 4 years ago and long before I started blogging.

Cookie Monster Cake: “ME WANT COOKIE!”

For this cake I mixed up a cake mix and poured it into one round cake pan and used the rest to make as many cupcakes as I could.   I always like to have cupcakes around for the little kids at our parties.

Once the cake was cool, I frosted it with blue frosting and used the flat side of my spreader to go over it and dab it along to make it look like fur.  (Did that make sense?  As you can tell, I don’t really know my cake terminology.  Forgive me. 🙂 )

I then added some blue sprinkles just for the fun of it.   For the eyes, I cut off the tops of two of the cupcakes and frosted them white.  Then I took two Junior Mints to make his googly eyeballs.

Next, I used black cake decorating gel to make the mouth.  Make sure that the frosting is completely dry before adding the gel or it will all smear together.  And last, I crushed up some Chips Ahoy cookies to make it look like he is making his signature cookie mess.

For the cupcakes I frosted the same as the cake but then used mini marshmallows and a dab of the black decorator gel for the eyes and then one mini Chips Ahoy cookie for the mouth.

Cookie Monster cake

I seriously can’t believe that this was 4 years ago and this little guy will be starting Kindergarten on Monday!!  Where did the time go.

I hope you liked this easy Cookie Monster Cake idea.  For some other easy cake ideas check out:Easy Angry Birds cakes. Perfect for Angry birds birthday party. www.theoysofboys.comk

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