Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and if your school allows, it is now time to start figuring out what you will make for your kid’s Valentine’s Day Box.  This Crocodile Valentine Box was a huge hit with my boys last year and is the perfect thing to “gobble” up all of those Valentines from friends.

Crocodile Valentine Box

Crocodile Valentine Box

This Crocodile Valentine Box doesn’t require very many supplies and we actually used a lot of recycled materials found around the house.
Supplies Needed:

  • 1 empty Cascade Dishwasher soap container.  It worked perfectly for the Crocodile mouth
  • Green Paint
  • Egg carton for eyes
  • Peel & Stick Foam Sheets

Crocodile Valentine Box

To make the crocodile valentine box, remove the label of the container and paint the container green.   Cut out two eyes from the egg carton and draw the pupil in with marker.  Then glue the eyes to the top of the container.

Use white craft foam sheets to cut out the teeth and glue them on to the mouth.  We did a few on the bottom as well and just looked at pictures of Crocodiles to get the teeth more accurate.

For the tail, we cut it out of a non-stick green craft foam sheet and then attached it to the back of the crocodile by placing two self-adhesive sheets on each side for reinforcement.  For an example of how to do this, you can look at our Shark Valentine Boxes from previous years.

Then the only thing left to do is cut out hearts from the pink and red foam sheets and stick them on to the box.

Crocodile Valentine Box

I love when we can make something cool without a lot of effort and my boys were able to make this without very much help from me.

Do you like Valentine’s Day?  Do you have to make boxes for the school Valentine’s party?

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