DIY cake stand

This week I shared my son’s basketball birthday cake and promised to share how to make an easy DIY cake stand.

I have a nice, glass cake stand that I normally use for our cakes but I had a specific look in mind.  After looking online for a plain metal cake stand and seeing that everything cost more than I wanted to pay, I decided to make one.  This was the easiest and most inexpensive project I have done in awhile and I got exactly the look I was wanting.

Dollar Store DIY Cake Stand

Supplies needed:

  • Pizza pan from the dollar store
  • Ice cream sundae cup from dollar store (You could use any type of cup/mug depending on the look you want
  • E6000 craft glue

how to make a cake stand

Measure out the exact center of the bottom of the pizza pan.  I used a marker to mark the center.  You need to make sure it is completely centered so you don’t have a lopsided cake stand that tips over easily.  Put a ring of glue around the base of the sundae cup and glue down to the pizza pan.

DIY cake stand

Let the glue dry for 24-72 hours (although I didn’t read that before I made mine and had to use mine within about 8 hours and it was fine.  But I wouldn’t recommend washing it until the glue is completely set.)  When I wasn’t looking my husband decided I needed more glue so we had a little excess around the edges.  🙂

DIY Cake Stand

Once the glue is dry, invert it and you have your very own DIY cake stand.  You could easily paint or decorate it however you choose but I was wanting to make a basketball hoop so I wanted to leave the base clear so it wasn’t as noticeable.

To add a basketball net I cut off the bottom of a cheap over-the-door basketball hoop my boys have in their room and taped it to the edges of the bottom of the pan so I could easily remove it later and use the stand again.

DIY cake stand

Then all I needed to do was add my basketball cake.  It turned out really cute and I had one happy 7-year-old which always makes the effort worth it.

DIY cake stand

To view the cake tutorial click: M&Ms Basketball Cake.

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