Save cards?

Do you save cards your children get for birthdays and other special occasions?  When I was young my mom kept a lot of my cards and as an adult I love them.   I started to do the same thing for my boys and they have loved looking through them.  I just had them all in shoe boxes and every time the boys would get them out they would get scattered everywhere and I was afraid they would get ruined.card-photo-album

I used to scrapbook a lot and thought about how easy it would be to stick all of those cards in a photo album so the boys could flip through them instead of throwing them all over and walking on them.  I made the first one for my oldest and discovered all sorts of cards that I had forgotten about.  He has many cards from his Great Grandparents that are just priceless to me and that I hope someday will be really special to him as well so of course I want to save cards like that.  Right now they’re just interested in who has the “coolest” cards but who knows, maybe they’ll mean something more someday.

I bought some inexpensive photo albums that have the pages that you can remove and I used a hold punch to punch  a lot of the bigger cards and just added them to the album. I glued the smaller ones and ones that I didn’t want to put holes in, to the album pages so that the boys can still open them up and read what is inside.  The albums start with the cards we got when each boy was born and go in order through the years.

Now it is really easy for the boys to flip through their cards anytime they want without leaving a mess for me. Yay!