Dump Truck Cake

Dump Truck Cake

Whenever one of my boys’ birthdays roll around I always go looking for ideas for birthday cakes for boys.  With my baby’s 2nd birthday coming up (tears! sniff, sniff) I knew exactly what type of cake he would want.  He is completely into anything with wheels so a dump truck cake would be perfect for him.

This dump truck cake was pretty much the easiest cake I have ever made because if I messed up I could cover it with chocolate boulders or crunched up cookies and nobody would know the difference.  Perfect for an amateur cake decorator like myself!

To make this cake, bake two round cakes and stack them together with frosting in the middle.

Dump truck cake

Frost the cake around the outside with chocolate frosting and immediately add on the Oreo cookies if you like.  I liked using the Oreos because they reminded me of tires.

Dump truck cake

And now comes the fun part.  Place about half of a package of Oreo cookies or other chocolate cookies into a plastic storage bag and use a rolling pin to smash them up into little pieces.  Then cover the top of the cake and down one side to make it look like a gravel road.

Of course you can’t have a dump truck cake without the dump truck and that was the best part for my 2-year-old!  I found a small dump truck at the dollar store and we washed it up really well and then filled it up with Whoppers, Rolos, cut up Twix, Snickers, KitKat and any other candy bar I could find.  Then I made it look like the truck had lost its load off the side of the cake.

Dump Truck Cake

The lost load was the best part of the cake. 😉  Nom, nom!

When all was said and done, baby loved his cake but only ate the Oreo cookies. 🙂  But, if it’s your party you can do what you want, right? More cake for me!

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