With Easter coming up we wanted to create a new fun and east Easter Breakfast.  My boys had the idea to make Build Your Own Easter Egg Pancakes.  They had a blast decorating and eating their own Easter Eggs.

Easter Egg Pancakes

Easter Egg Pancakes

I’ve always found that if I present fruit to my boys in a fun way that they will eat it right up.  When we decided to make these Build Your Own Easter Egg Pancakes, I wanted to make sure there was plenty of fruit available for decorating.  These Easter Egg pancakes were really simple to make and my boys had fun making their own creations.

How To Make Easter Egg Pancakes

Ingredients needed:

Easter Egg Pancakes Ingredients

  • Your Favorite Pancake batter
  • Cut up fruit – Choose your favorites or whatever you have at home.  The more colorful the better.
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Favorite syrup – We used maple syrup and my boys wanted to try chocolate syrup as well.
  • Any other toppings that your kids think would be fun.  My boys wanted to try marshmallows but soon found that they didn’t taste so great with pancakes and they didn’t eat them.  But they gobbled up their fruit so I was happy with that.

To make, mix up your favorite pancake batter and pour onto a warm griddle in the shape of an Easter Egg.  Let cook until batter is bubbly and then flip over.  Heat until cooked through.

Then let your kids go crazy with the decorating.  This was our favorite part.

Making Easter Egg Pancakes

My boys loved showing off their pancake creations.  This was a fun mix of food and art!

Easter Egg Pancake breakfast

The decorating was fun, but we also loved eating them.  I loved watching them eat all of their fruit first.  My youngest didn’t even need a fork! 🙂

Easter Egg pancakes

Do you have any fun Easter Breakfast Traditions?

Easter Egg Pancakes

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