Easter Egg PhonicsEaster Egg Phonics

This week is Spring Break for us and we have been busy prepping for our annual family Easter egg hunt.  My boys helped me fill a bundle of plastic Easter eggs with candy and we had a few left over to do something fun with.  My kindergartener is loving learning to read so I thought these Easter Egg Phonics would be fun.

To make, you just need to break the top off of a few plastic Easter eggs so the top can spin.  On one side, use a permanent marker to write the ending of a word and on the top, write the first letter(s).  To practice the words, kids can spin the top and get a new word.

Easter Egg Phonics

Some of the words I used were:

  • Bat, Cat, Fat, Mat, Pat, Rat, Sat
  • Can, Ban, Fan, Man, Pan, Ran
  • Cap, Gap, Lap, Nap, Rap, Tap
  • Bit, Fit, Hit, Lit, Sit
  • Bog, Dog, Fog, Hog, Log
  • Cot, Got, Lot, Not, Rot
  • Say, Play, Day, Way, Hay, May, Pay, Ray
  • Bam, Ham, Jam, Ram, Sam, Yam

A lot of these words were too easy for him so we mixed it up by putting a different top on to different egg bottoms and had him determine if the words he made were actually words or not.  He had a fun time figuring out if they sounded right and making up funny words.

Easter Egg PhonicsThis weekend you will probably end up with a big bag of empty plastic eggs, just like we do each and every year.  This is a fun way to use them again and give your kids a learning experience that feels more like play.

Do you have any fun Easter traditions for your family?  Some of the fun things we like to do are making Dinosaur Easter Eggs and Easter Bunny Pancakes.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!